Sunday, June 1, 2014

R.M. (well almost)

Well Elder Jacob Dixon is now almost a returned missionary!
Jacob is coming home this week on Tuesday!!! 
He will be talking in church on June 8th (yes, next Sunday) at 11am. It's at the church behind Payson Hospital. Hope to see you all there.
 (as a side note, please do not wear any perfume. Some family members are allergic and highly sensitive to perfumes. We would be grateful for this so that ALL family members can attend and listen to his talk)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

last email home...


Good Morning Family.
 Well this I really sad that this is most likely going to be my last email home :(
 I hope you all had a great memorial day, ours was pretty good, we played softball with the ward from 9-12 and then went to the ward picnic and after a group of members and us missionaries played some touch rugby, we played for a good 1 or so, so right now every muscle in my body is sore. But it was fun nonetheless. And after we went up to a members house and did some fishing, it was fun as well, I caught 6 fish total, but I was just doing catch and release, I'll send some of the pictures that I took.
    So things that happened this week.
Well we dropped Nick this week, he wasn't going anywhere and it seems that he tried his hardest to oppose everything that we believe, but he did it in a kind way, I guess that would be the best way to describe it, so we just told him our purpose as missionaries and that we are here to invite people to come unto Christ through the restored gospel. But we told him the we where glad to meet him, and this week we will be going over to get his contact info, to stay in touch in case he has questions.
But I think something good still came out of it all.I have a feeling that he likes the church and the morals we have and I get the feeling that he might stand up for the church when it is citified, because I told him that he was one of the nicest ministers I've met on my mission and that others just want to rip out throats out, he was surprised that people really do that, and he said that those people are way out of line for saying false things.
    Also taught Matthew, we taught about keeping the Sabbath day holy and why its important, and it went really well. and they came to church on Sunday, so this week we will be setting up a baptismal calendar with him.
 We weren't able to meet with Randall or abdur. but we did get to meet with MaryAnn this week, its been a long time since we have been able to see her, and she mentioned that she missed us coming over, so that is a sign that she does like our visits.
 Yep that was our week.
 I look forward to seeing you all in a week, im excited and nervous and scared about the whole idea about coming home.
love you all
-Elder Dixon
The 2nd fish that I caught
 The 4th fish that I caught
 My companion Elder England

 The last fish I caught he was the biggest, he was the only on the I kept to eat, but some how he got off the line we had all the rest of the fish on, so he got away, probably had the line rip through is gills.

...This week was good...


So this week was good,
We taught Matthew again this week and it went well, we taught the restoration, he understood it very well. but i don't think he will be baptized before I leave, he still needs to come to church 3 times before the baptism.
 Met with Julie, just talked to her about what she read this week and what her preparations are for this week since she is moving this week, she is flying on Friday. so its a good thing and a bad thing, its good cause she can attend church there and that's were her original fellow shippers are at. a bad thing is that we wont be teaching her, but its all good in the long run.
But that's about what happened this week, not to much happened.
Sorry this is a bit shorter than normal.

Love you all
-Elder Jacob Dixon
PS-Happy Birthday MOM
Love you lots

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mother's day


Hey family it was really good talking to you all, I really enjoyed it
this week was pretty good, we taught Nick, and we brought brother Fuller with us, he is the first counselor in the bishopric to help answer allot of his questions that he as been having and it went really good, we were planning on maybe dropping him but it turned out great when brother Fuller bore his testimony.
 We are teaching a ten year old boy, his grandparents are somewhat active and he wants to be baptized soon, and he is on the ball, his name is Matthew. we are really excited about him.
Also met with Julie this week, we reviewed the plan of salvation.but her sister is beginning to show some signs of violence and she has decided to move back to California, so we aren't to happy about all that.
Love ya all
-Elder Dixon
And this week went ok.
We taught Julie this week, we taught her the plan of salvation, she liked it and it helped refresh her memory since she has already been taught everything back in California, and she is still reading and praying on her own, we just need to get her to church, she has a job interview today, so we we are hoping that she gets the job so she can start to move out of her sisters house.
Also taught Randall yesterday, he came to church, and when we went over to teach him, he had some questions about fasting, and why we do it and the reason behind it. He already knows a bit about fasting, reading from the bible "fast" is mentioned a few times. so we asked him what he knew about fasting. and allot of his view points on fasting were on the ball, so that was a good experience.
 Taught Nick again, didn't really go any where, he still has some questions about the plan of salvation, mostly the 3 degrees of glory, and how we get that out of the new testament and why we interpret it that way, so we had to go over the whole modern day revelations and we talked about Doctrine and covenants 76 which is really detailed about the plan of salvation. But after all that he still has skepticism about it all.
 Abdur came to church as well and he really enjoyed the testimonies that where given. since it was fast Sunday.
 So that was the my week, the weather is really nice right now, its been staying in the 70s most of the week, ill probably be sending my winter clothing home in the next little while.
love you all
-Elder Dixon

Monday, May 5, 2014

"... a special pray..."

Request for a special pray for an investigators baby, transfer, sickness. We also received a letter from his mission president that Jacob was made a district leader.
Hey family!
So things here are good, my new companion is pretty cool, we get along pretty good so far.

The weather is great last week we were up in the 70s and 80s, so that was really nice to be able to enjoy it. and yesterday it rained on and off all day.
We were able to teach Julie again, we just read some scriptures with her, she had some questions about 1 nephi chapters 2 and 3. we also talked to her about getting baptized soon, she said that she will but she wants things to calm down with her and her sister and she wants to be able to move out of her sisters house so that us meeting with her doesn't cause and problems. and she also said that she wants to get to the point that she knows that this is right.
Also taught Randall this week. we taught the Word of Wisdom, he understood it and accepted it with out problem, he is still reading from the Book of Mormon but not as much as he would like to.
Visited Abdur on Friday, he is super stressed out right now with all that is going on with his family, they had they kid about 2 weeks ago and is still having problems with breathing and eating right, so he has been hooked up to machines to help him do all that, but he is improving and getting better, they are hoping that they can bring him home soon. Please pray that Abdur's baby will be get better soon so he can come home soon.
But that's all that really happened this week, wasn't able to meet with Nick on Wednesday cause I was sick with a sore throat and hacking up allot of junk, and I didn't want to be around their newborn and having the possibility of getting sick.
But I'm doing allot better now, but still have a sore throat.
Glad to hear that every thing back home is somewhat ok and that everyone is having a good time
- Love you all
Elder Jacob Dixon
Side note: Jacob is coming home in just a few short weeks now. If you would like to join us at the airport please contact Laura or Cory for details about time and place.

Monday, April 28, 2014

...we saw the wolves....

Hey family,
sorry that this email is a bit latter than normal. I don't have as much time today, we have had a pretty busy day since Elder Teixeira (one of the missionaries in troy went home today, he has finished his mission) so we spent the day with him and had to drive him to St.Peters so he could go with some other missionaries who are going home as well. And we just got back, so its been kinda busy.
Oh, we also saw the wolves I was talking about :) It was allot of fun, they where really friendly, but some where a little stand offish, but no problems.
Oh ya we got transfer calls on Saturday! Elder Hendrickson is going to Champion Illinois in a city called Urbana. which is about 2 hours away from his home.
And I'm going to be spending the rest of my mission here in Warrenton! I'm really excited that they did transfer me to a new area for my last 6 weeks.
My new companion is going to be Elder England, I used to be his district leader when I was in Sullivan, and I'm glad that they put me with him. It should be allot of fun
So this week went pretty well having a hard time remembering what happened.
We taught Randall, it went ok, we watched Finding Faith in Christ and read 3 Nephi 18:1-25 and talked about the sacrament and the Sabbath day and got him to commit to coming to church and he came yesterday, we weren't able to talk to him since he came in later and left before it ended due to him having to go to work. So we are hoping that he enjoyed it.
We taught Nicka and Katie again that was good, just told him again that everything comes down to the Book of Mormon and knowing it s true.
Also taught Julie that went really good we talked to her about whats happening in her life and she is thinking about moving back to California or Colorado, but she is praying on her own, she would be reading but her Book of Mormon "went missing" and she can't find it so you can probably guess what happened to it. And tomorrow we will be meeting with her and be talking about a baptismal date, even if she moves again she can still work towards it.
But yeah that was our week in nut shell, I forgot my planner back at the apartment so I can look through it like I normally do.
Glad that you got the Camry to start working again, seems like something is always wrong with it.

Well I love you all and pray that everyone well have a good week.
-Elder Jacob Dixon
The wolves that Jacob got to go see

 Me and the Alpha male, he is one of the friendliest.