Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Arrival of Elder Dixon

This is just an email to let you know that your son, Elder Dixon, has arrived safely in the mission. We've already talked with him and we know he will be a great advocate of the Lord.

 -Elder Salisbury

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thanks for the Package

Hey family,
I got your package yesterday thanks for the m&ms they were good :)
So you guys moved the pig where to?
I'm glad that Jason and Kira got jobs and that Crystals interview went well.
Well nothing great happened this week it was just really one big blur, but I did get my nose cauterized so now I'm not getting a whole bunch of nose bleeds. I got a big letter from uncle Bret's family so that was nice. I wont see brother Mauler cause I don't have TRC on Thursdays cause its my p day.
We found out that a lot of the general authority's are coming on Sunday cause all of the new mission presidents are coming in on Saturday so its going to get crazy around here because of all the security, whats dads cousins name that is the body guard?
Well I gotta go for a little bit so write back soon.
and my address for my mission is
Elder Jacob Cory Dixon
Missouri St. Louis mission
1850 Craigslist Rd Suite 205
St. Louis, mo 63146 U.S

OK so I don't know if Nickson is a member or not but most of the people that come in are members but i think that he is just playing the role of someone you might get in the field how doesn't listen and who just isn't ready. Glad to hear that we got another chicken and the nose cauterization didn't cost me anything cause the church takes care of it.
My companion is going to the same mission as iI am but my two other roommates are going to Tulsa Oklahoma.
-Elder Dixon

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"...Happy early father's day..."

Happy early fathers day DAD hope it will be great.
So how is every body? is everything alright? Cause I haven't gotten any letters from guys yet so I'm kinda worried.
Well you guys should be getting a letter from me or you probably already got it, it was about our investigator Nickison, will disregard every thing I said about him cause we taught him yesterday and it went horribly for us cause first off he didn't do anything that we asked him to, second we tried explaining what he felt last time and he totally denied it so that kinda pissed us off and he doesn't believe in the book of Mormon or Joseph smith even though he didn't even read or pray about it so that was pretty discouraging and now I just don't think that he is ready for the Gospel I just think he is only there for the money that the church pays him for coming in, I don't know how it works but I think that's the only reason he is here, I don't know.
Will write back soon,
Oh and send me a list of all our relatives addresses on it that way I can write them if I have the time
-Elder Dixon