Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"The weather is still really bipolar..."


Dear Family & Friends,

  So this week went pretty good, we taught Randall the first lesson, so the Restoration, it went great, allot of his beliefs are really close to some of our beliefs, like the creations didn't take 7 actual days but 7 different time tables, so we talked a little bit about Doctrine and Covenants and the pearl of great price, didn't go into big detail, cause its allot of info to digest in just one lesson, so we are going to be meeting with him on Thursday, he wasn't able to come to church because he had to work. we weren't able to meet with Abdur this week, he was busy and tends to forget that we set up appointments, and Sundays are his only day that we can meet with him. we are going to try again on Saturday to set up a time for Sunday.

We met with Gary on Saturday, they had us over for dinner and we where able to talk to him and sis Karl's (the member) husband Ed, and Gary just has an open mind and is willing to read the book of Mormon, but not pray about it, so that was sad to hear, and her husband isn't interested in reading the book of Mormon, but they are still way nice people and we aren't going to stop meeting with them.
     To cap it all off I would say that it was all right. the weather is still really bipolar, it wont make up its mind, it was warm to start out with and we got snow on Thursday and it had all melted by the end of the day, and Friday and Saturday where way nice, we got up tp 70 and almost 80 and Sunday it was 32 and we got a little bit of snow, and today it is a little bit warmer. so im really wanting for spring to finally set in.
Love you all
-Elder Dixon

Monday, March 17, 2014

"We where able to teach a new investigator..."

Dear Family.

You'll have to tell uncle Wade and aunt Laura congrats for me. .
You'll have to let me know how grandpa Davis' surgery goes, I well also be praying for him and grandpa Dixon that his pain will go away.
So how did Roscoe's birthday go? who came?
So this week went pretty good, we got transfer calls on Saturday and both me and Elder Hendrickson are staying here, but Elder Johnson is leaving and going to the Spanish area that is in our zone. So he is still going to be close, and Elder Coka is staying and will be followed up trained by another Elder, I forgot his name.
We where able to meet with Abdur finally and to teach him about the restoration, it went good, but there where allot of distractions, cause they have 5 young kids, but he was able to focus for the most of the lesson, we talked allot about the Joseph Smith story, he has a hard time recognizing the spirit, I guess, and he has a hard time believing things people tell him, but we told him to pray about every thing cause that will solve his questions.
But we might have to push the baptism back a couple of days since we have only taught him the restoration and we still need to teach him everything else.
We where able to teach a new investigator, his name is Gary, he is the grandson of one of the members in the ward, he is supper smart, love to read and has already read the book of Mormon but doesn't remember every thing that happened in it, he is 30ish by the way. and he is supper friendly to missionaries, and hearing from ward members I guess in the past he wasn't really friendly with the church, so he had a changing experience that changed his prospective on the church, so the Lord has been preparing him for a while.
We weren't able to meet with Julie this week, she wasn't feeling to good, so we are going to meet with her hopefully on Wednesday, so next week should be good as well, we are planning on going home teaching with some members in the ward.
And yesterday we had a potential come to church, we have been trying to work on him for a while, he is engaged to one of the sisters in the ward, and he is also reading/listening to the book of Mormon, so we are hoping to be visiting them this week as well.
This week went really good, now we are waiting for the opposition to hit like is always does, but we will smack it back in the face!
The weather was cold this last week, but today it is up in the high 60s! It feels so good, but we are supposed to be getting snow this week, so I don't know what is up with that :P
That's crazy to think that Ben and Tanner are home, you'll have to tell them I say hello. so how is elder Harris?(Jeremy, I forgot his last name) the missionary that was assigned to go to the Ukraine about the same time as I got my call? Cause I hear that things are getting pretty crazy over there.
Well I hope every one has a good week.
Love ya all-Elder Dixon

Trunky papers, new member lesson, a baptismal challenge


Hey every one. so you got the trunky papers?! NOOOOOOO not yet
So when does Roscoe's drill start? I'll have to think about that,
do you know what you where sick with?
That's awesome that Roscoe got promoted to specialist I bet he is happy about that.
So this week went ok, we where able to start teaching Keim the new member lessons on Tuesday, They had us over for dinner, it was really good, she made chicken strips and made a really good sauce to go with it. we will be teaching her the new members lessons with her home teachers and eventually they will teach her the rest of the lessons without us.
we did meet with "J" and taught her the first lesson, it went pretty good, she did have a question about people getting baptized into different churches, cause she went to church with her sister last week to her church and some people where baptized, so we talked about having the proper priesthood authority to do sacred ordinances, and we explained why Jesus went to John the Baptist instead of having his neighbor baptizing him.
She said that it makes sense, and at the end of the lesson we invited her to be baptized by proper authority when she receives an answer about the book of Mormon, and she said yes, we are really happy about it.
 We weren't able to teach Abdur this week due to him being really busy with every thing, but we did get to talk to him for a little bit before he had to go, he is doing good on quitting smoking, but he is using the electric cigarettes, so we talked to him about it and told him that those things can be just as addicting as the real things, so we are working on helping him quit those things, he is still looking forward to being baptized.
And the weather here is really cold again, we had really nice weather the week before, but now its in the high 20s and low 10s, I just want spring to come back! We got a little bit of snow yesterday and freezing rain, so the roads where slick so they canceled church because of it. so I wasn't really happy about that, cause I really wanted to go to sacrament meeting at least, so this week is going to feel empty if that makes any sense.
How is the weather over there? is it just as cold like us or do you have nicer weather?
Any more word about the job yet?
Well I need to email some more people.
l love ya all-Elder Jacob Dixon

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"So this week went pretty well..."

Hello Family.
Sorry that this email is coming a day late but due to presidents day the library wasn't open yesterday.
glad that every one is recovering and that the car got fixed.. again, and that Roscoe is getting his wisdom teeth out, and are the Rays his girlfriends family?
And those movies probably where pirated because non of those videos aren't out yet.
So this week went pretty well, Keim was confirmed by her husband on Sunday and he did a good job for his first time, everyone was really happy especially Keim, Abdur came to sacrament but I think he had to go home after, but we where glad that he came, and we didn't even commit him to come to church!
But we weren't able to meet with him or any of our potentials that we have found while tracting. but good news is that we got a referral from church headquarters about a lady that has moved into our area and she has been taught all of the lessons from where she moved from and she is staying with her sister and she is also interested in hearing the lessons! so we are going to be trying to see her today in the evening.
But other than that we are doing ok, Me and Elder Hendrickson are getting along pretty well and having allot of fun together, we are hoping that he well be getting his visa soon, cause another Elder who came out with him just got his and he will leave on march 10th.
So how is the weather over there?
We got freezing rain yesterday in the morning and they canceled school because of it, and it wasn't all that bad driving in it, and it all melted around noon. Man these kids are lucky that they get so many snow days, during Christmas break it snowed for about a week so they cancled school because of it, and they only got about 6 inches all together! man Missouri is very ill prepared for snow, and we saw the other day that the snow trucks where putting dirt on the road, and me and Elder Hendrickson where very puzzled by that; and when we where talking to a member in the ward they told us they are doing that because they ran out of salt, so we laugh every time when ever we see them putting dirt on the road, ill send you a picture if we see them doing it again.
Oh yeah I got my glasses on Saturday :P I can read street signs allot better, but some times they get annoying, mainly on my noise where they rest on.
Love you all and hope that every things goes well!
-Elder Dixon

We went to the local gun store on Monday and they had a Thomson, but it was very low quality, but still cool.
 My new glasses