Monday, October 29, 2012

"...brand new Elder, straight from the MTC..."

Hey family,
So to start off I'm am not leaving Columbia, in fact they are having me train a brand new Elder straight from the MTC...... I don't really like the idea cause i haven't even been out 6 months, but I hope that I'll do ok. I won't know his name until i get to the transfer meeting so I'll let you all know next Monday.
So it's good to hear that Jason got promoted back up to his rank after he passed the pt test.
If you want my advice on Roscoe's situation, is to don't try to force him to do any thing just show him your guys support and just encourage him and show him your love.
Maybe you guys should start reading the Scriptures as a family every Sunday.
So I'm surprised that you got some new kittens right after Huntress was killed, I  bet Megan is having a blast with them, so what are there names?
Well I hope that every one is having a good week and I'm sorry this email isn't very long cause i don't have much time today as i normally do
Love you all,
Elder Dixon

P.S. Can you send me all of our Grandparents addresses? That way i can send a letter to them in the future when it is there birthday

Monday, October 22, 2012

"...everyone canceled on us..."

Hey family,
So this week was okay considering that everyone canceled on us :( so that kinda sucked.
Leanne never came to church or to the baptism and he also had to cancel the appointment yesterday so we won't see her until next Sunday.
I'm glad to hear that the Morales are coming to church more often, so are they being taught by the missionaries? So i have some advice for you guys, when ever you have missionaries over always invite them to take off there suit jackets cause we cant take them off without being told by the members, so it really helps keep our suits clean and its a lot more comfortable, so just to let you know :)
Crystal told me that Cassi Haskell is putting in her papers, it's so exciting to hear about when people put in there papers. That's awesome to hear that Matthew is leaving in January cause that is when my companion goes home,
I'm also glad to hear that Jason finally passed his pt test, so what does he have to do to get his rank back?
So how was meeting Roscoe's girlfriend? and what are your guys thoughts toward all of this since he is the first kid to have a girlfriend?
so while I wait for emails I normally just get on or and do research.
Well I hope that everyone has a good week,
Elder Dixon
P.s. Crystal also told me about the Cat getting hit, I'm sorry that that happened you'll have to give Megan a hug for me.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cathy's Baptism

I forgot to send this picture of the baptism, so to better explain it the reason why me and elder Bumgardner are both in white is because Cathy has back problems so we used two people in the fount so nothing bad happened and to help support her back while she went under. and the guy in the mustache is her husband Terry. He was able to get off work for a little while so that he could see Cathy be baptized so that's also why he is in his work uniform.

I'm really sorry to hear about Jason losing his job, make sure to fill me in when you guys find out the details of why?
Cathy's baptism went really well we had some really good talks given and the spirit was also really strong there too.
So as for Leanne and her family they didn't watch conference or come to church, but we did have a lesson with them last night and we taught them the plan of salvation and we invited them to Church again and they said that they well try to be there so we well probably end up giving them a call on Saturday to remind them.
So to answer your question about other family members writing me the answer is yes, uncle Bret and his family wrote me a month ago and that was really nice.
So for your comment about the younger sister missionaries. I have already promised myself that I'm not going to marry any one that went to the same mission or any one that is in the mission.
I'm glad to hear that the reception went well, just think Mom in a couple of the next 10 years or so all your children well be out of the house :) and probably married, haha love ya mom.
Matthew got his mission call? that's awesome, do you know when he is leaving?
So I have a question, what is Roscoe's M.O.S in the military again? I keep on forgetting
Well I hope things are going well back home, and I hope and pray that Jason can find a better job
Love Elder Dixon

Monday, October 8, 2012

Conference, new age change

Hey family,
 This week went really well we had conference and we just watched it at our church building, but Cathrine was invited over to a members house to watch it and it went really well she loved it and had a lot of good things to say, we are going to meet with her today so it should go well, we are teaching her the rest of the commandments tonight.
Our new investigators name is Leane and we taught her and her family last night and it went well and they were to busy to watch conference but we did invite them to look it up online at, and of course we invited them to church we always invite people to Church when we teach the first lesson or something else.
So when I heard the announcement about the new age limit I was really excited cause I have known a lot of girls that would love to go on mission but they often don't cause they mostly get married before they hit that age.
And it also to hear that Lauree and Jessica are thinking about that to.
Crystal told me how Roscoe is going to wait to serve a mission after I get back, I think that that is a wise choice cause it will give him more time to prepare and plus it won't stress mom out that much having to worry about two sons out on missions :) love ya mom :)
So about the whole job situation, I really hope and pray that dad can find a full time job somewhere even if it means moving somewhere I'll support it, just make sure to tell me if you guys do end up moving.
I'm not that really surprised to hear that Roscoe has a girlfriend, cause he is a lot more social than the rest of us kids, except for Megan, but I don't really have a problem with it just as long as she has high standards and doesn't tempt him to do anything wrong.
love you all and I hope that every thing well start to work out with finding a new job
Love Elder Dixon
Ps what is Roscoes Email?

Monday, October 1, 2012

"...Elder Bumgardner had the impreesion..."

Hey family,
Thanks for the address's and for the update about the coat and the beautiful pictures of fall, i really miss those mountains.
So it's good to know that you found out the reason why the car has been so off but it sucks that it had to happen that way. We are still excited that Cathrine is going to be baptized soon and she is really looking forward to it also and she is also looking forward to general conference and she also watched the woman's conference and she really enjoyed that to.
I can't wait till conference either it's only a couple of days away and I bought some orange rolls to eat so I'm still continuing that tradition over here.
We got a new investigator this week, so we had our weekly coordination with our ward mission leader and after we were done Elder Bumgardner had the impression to go and knock on the house right across the street, so we did and we ended up leaving them a book of Mormon and we came back last Sunday and found out that there oldest son is reading it so the mother asked for another one so that she could read it, so we ended up teaching her the first lesson and it went great and we are going to teach her again on Thursday so we are really looking forward to that.
Well thats probably my highlight of the week love you all,
Elder Dixon

Monday, September 24, 2012

New companion from Lehi

Hey family,
So my new companion is from Lehi, UT and has been out for 20 months so this might be his last area that he serves in.
Thanks for updating me on about missionary mall
I'm sorry to hear that the cars are still having problems and that the fires are still affecting mom i hope that things well start to get better.
So i would like to have Elder Micheal Marsh and Jared Condies address you should be able to look them up on my face book
So I got a letter from sister and brother McDonald this week with a letter from Dayan inside and right now most of the areas he is in are being flooded.
I also found out that their daughter is getting married soon that means that Dayan and Devin are the only ones left.
here are some pictures
love you all
Elder Dixon
 Downtown Columbia
Aircraft carrier I made
  We caught a really big raccoon and this is his hand he weight over 15 pounds
 A raptor and cougar I made

Monday, September 17, 2012

short on time, and not much happened

Hey family,
Sounds like you guys are having a good week except for all the little mishaps with the cars, and yes i got all the pictures. 
This week was pretty good we taught Cathrine on Monday and that went really well she had some really good questions when we taught her the first lesson. but I sent a letter with more info on it cause I don't have that much time right now.
So when did Seth decide to get married? and when did all this riot stuff happen? is it all because of some trailer? i think that there has to be more of a reason.
Well thats all the time I have for today love you all,
Elder Dixon
P.s. you still haven't told me if missionary mall has called about my coat

Monday, September 10, 2012

" first real Missouri rain storm..."

Hey family
So it looks like you guys had a lot of fun while you where in South Carolina. So Roscoe is now 140... well looks like I'm gonna have to step it up cause that's how much I weigh right now I've gained about 5 pounds since I left home and I'm pretty sure that its from eating rammen like every day :P Don't worry, you learn to change things in the rammen so its different every time, like bacon,hot dogs,eggs, BBQ sauce every now and then. Yeah go ahead and say... it I'm BBQ sauce freak, but I still blame mom :) 
I was in my first real Missouri rain storm this week, it was raining so hard that you could barley see out side the windows car and it you went out in it you would be soaked, we also had a little bit of hail, I sent a letter with more info of how my week went.
How are things over in Utah? is it still on fire? how is the family doing? how is school going for every one? how are the new baby goats?
So i have a question. can you put my k98k Mauser inside by rifle case I just realized that I didn't do that, and could you put the rest of my guns up stairs or put them where they wont be noticed, thanks
oh and tell Kira happy birthday for me
love you all,
Elder Dixon

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wish I could go to Wyoming

Hey family so it was good to get the email sorry that it took me a day to email you back yesterday was labor day so the library was closed so I couldn't email.
So it sounds like you guys had fun picking Roscoe up except for all the mishaps and I looked at the picture that you sent me of Roscoe he looks pretty cool with that uniform on, and i can't watch any videos except for church ones so i cant watch the one you sent me sorry.
I'm kinda jealous that Roscoe and Megan went to Wyoming with Grandma Dixon and some of the other family, I wish I could be there. make sure to send me some pictures over email so I can see them.
So this last week was OK. It finally rained but it wasn't a Missouri rain storm it was just like the ones back home that just rain all day. but ill be sending a letter with more detail to what happened over the week.
So I have a question, did missionary mall call yet about the suit coat? cause I might need it soon seeing that it is starting to rain more and more. and I don't know if you got my letter pertaining to all my origami stuff, don't make it a priority to send it to me right away cause i would prefer having the coat over that, and if you could give crystal one of my origami horses, they should be on my dresser in my room you should let her have the tanish one,tell her its a late late birthday present and tell her sorry I kinda forgot about her birthday. If you could do this it would be great, thanks
love you all,
Elder Dixon

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sorry for not keeping everyone updated on Jacob, Mom  (Laura) is still working on trying to figure out the whole blog thing. So, I (Crystal) decided to do the first real update for you.

Elder Dixon is doing good. He writes to us every week and seems to enjoying himself. He told us that raccoon s and possums come to their back door frequently. So one night they decided to see if they could catch them by using some old sheets and rope....and the out come...
The trap...
He said that they caught 2 but one later jumped out.
Hungry anyone???

The is Phil the possum
 This is a stick bug that was on their window.
 Jacob LOVES to receive letters so PLEASE write!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Raccoons and Possums

Hey family so I'm glad to hear that every one is doing great.So uncle Ben stayed over for a whole week? How did it go? Its good to hear that he is putting off weight and going back to school, tell him I say hi. 
It good to know that you guys are still going to go see Roscoe graduate I'm sure that he would like those Reese's Butter cups and its good to hear that he past his pt tests. 
So the Melatonin  pills aren't really helping but I've been taking some over the counter sleeping pill that seem to be working, but I still wake up every once in a while and the only problem with the pills is that when wake up I don't fell refreshed. 
So I don't have much time but ill be sending a letter with more info in it. So the picture and videos.
To see the picture click for this post here  
1. this is Phil one of the possums 
2. our first attempt to catch a raccoon, but he escaped 
3. this is Phil Jr another possum, man he is ugly 
4.this is a stick bug on our window 
5. same stick bug 
6.our first successful catch the video explains it 
7. picture of the our trap with... Two raccoons but one of them jumped out later on 
8. just another video with a fork and knife in hand ready to eat my first coon meal :) just kidding we let him go after a little bit 
10. another picture of me 
11-12 the coon inside the trap 
PS the trap is made out of some old bed sheets and some rope 
Love you all hope this week goes well for all of you. 
And when you see Roscoe give him a huge for me.

-Elder Dixon

So its not letting me send the videos so I'll just send the pictures.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Forgetting birthdays

Hey family so I don't really need my fan sent to me cause we have a box fan in our apartment.
So its good to hear about all the stuff happening with the uncle Bret and Grandpa Dixon.
So I'm sorry that I forgot about Crystals Birthday, I think you guys need to send a list that has Birthdays on it cause I don't have Facebook to remind me.
So has my letters been getting to you guys? Did you get the SD card I sent?
I'm glad to hear about the other missionaries in our ward its good to know that they are having good experiences over there.
Its cool to know that the people are replacing the ionizer for free I just hope she gets it back before the trip.
Ok so to answer your questions about our investigators. Kyle is the one that we talked on the curb and every time we try to set up an appointment he bails cause something always comes up and it's really hard to set up another. So the Indian guys name is Ben and I haven't really heard much about him cause he is being taught by the zone leaders and I'm pretty sure he might be done with school and moving back to India I'm not sure,
And the Mullins we contacted a couple of days ago but his wife is really sick so he told us to wait a couple of weeks.
Well that all that I have time for right now I'll talk to you guys next week.
Elder Dixon

Monday, August 13, 2012

"...I can't be that silent little kid in the corner..."

Hey family 

I'm sorry to hear about Roscoe and how he isn't doing very well, so you still haven't answered my question about his shine splits, what are they exactly? And is he able to receive letters at this time?
So grandpa got a GPS? That's pretty awesome they are way nice to have cause Elder Barney has one so we use it to find peoples address's cause they don't use the grid system out here so it is next to impossible to find a address without what temple did you guys go to I'm guessing you went to the Provo one?
 So the bishops are taking lessons from the missionaries? I thought that they where already members? Or are they just less actives?
 So to answer your question about the pictures I haven't gotten them yet but mail does take awhile to get here.
 So how are the McDonald's doing?
So every thing over here is ok, we are still having a hard time finding investigators and the ones that we have are ignoring our calls and visits so we are probably going to drop them :( and to tell you the truth its been really discouraging lately its been really hard cooping to the missionary life style, in the mtc they tell you to just be yourself on a mission, but that's really hard for me cause I have to change who I am, I have to change my personality and my character, I can't be that silent little kid in the corner any more, instead I have to be someone who has to go and talk to people i don't even know and deal with rejection every day cause so many people have hardened there hearts towards the church, or are just to stubborn to listen to what we have to say. I just wish there was an easier way to come out of my comfort zone.
 Love you all hope this week works out better for everyone.
Elder Dixon

Monday, August 6, 2012


Hey family so things are still kinda the same I still haven't had any decent nights rest so that's one of the biggest things bringing me down. So you guys are taking turns writing Roscoe every day, that's pretty cool, so when are you going to start doing that for me? JK I wouldn't have time to read all of them if you did that.
So how is the rest of the family doing? Like aunts and uncles and grandparents.
So what is a Shin splints? I hope its not that serious, so how did he do on his pt test?

So we are still kicking China's butt in the Olympics, that's good :) So apparently there is a guy from Romania that looks like me, that's what some other missionaries said, when they where visiting with a member and the Olympics where on.
So this week me and elder barney went to the St Louis temple and that was way nice to be able to do that cause I needed it.
So how is dad doing with his back cause I know in past letters its been pretty bad.
Oh and you need to send some pictures of the new baby goats.
So in the letter that you guys sent with Dayan and Devin's letters and your letter as well Megan drew me a picture and said some thing about cranes and I couldn't understand it so if you could tell me what she wanted it would help out a lot.
Love ya lots Elder Dixon

Monday, July 30, 2012

Teaching investigators

Hey family how it going, so you guys didn't read my letters right we don't have a baptism date yet for anyone and I don't get to teach Ben cause he is in the zone leaders area who are over all the single adults and Campos.
We haven't taught kyle yet cause he keeps canceling on us cause something always comes up.
So I'm glad to here that uncle Wade's wedding went well, sorry to hear that mom got sick cause of it.
So Cola gave birth to a buck and a doe that's good, what do they look like?
When do you think the white goat well give birth?
So this week was pretty awesome,
So Tuesday we just did a whole bunch of finding and as usual no one wanted to talk to us.

On Wednesday we taught on of our other investigator Womier she has been taught by a couple of missionaries now and is pretty slow at understanding things so its going to take awhile.
On Thursday we had our supper activity and we went to a cardinals game, went to the arch and saw the Mississippi but it was pretty small where we where cause it was in st Louis, but I've been told that it gets a lot bigger and I've seen some pictures of it to.
Then on Friday we went to a devotional and we heard from some awesome members, one of them being the guy who bought the land for the temple, by the way I get to go there on the 4th so I'm happy that I get to go into it this time.
Then on Saturday we just did allot of finding again.
Then on Sunday we went to church. so this week hasn't been so fruitful as the last couple of weeks.
So today is zone p-day so I'm looking forward to that.
Love you all,
- Elder Dixon
P.S. I'll be sending some pics real soon
By the way have you looked up those address for me yet?
Love Elder Dixon
 And tell brother Nelson that Elder Barney says hi back

Monday, July 23, 2012

"...had to drop one of our investigators..."


Hey family I got your letter this week it was great, thanks for the drawing Megan :)
So she wants me to make her some cranes for her b day, you'll have to remind me, so this week was pretty awesome on Tuesday we decided to fast cause we were sick of our potentials falling through, so after that we went out tracking and didn't find any one. Came back from lunch and prayed for guidance of where to go. So one of our potentials popped in to my mind so we went to his neighborhood and knocked on his door and he said that he wasn't interested so we just went and tracked the rest of the neighborhood and we knocked on a couple. We ran into a atheist and a minister for a baptist church and they were not interested so we knocked on this one door and a guy came out and said that he can't talk to us cause his kids asleep so we started to walk back to our car and he came out and stopped us and asked if we could just talk to him outside on the curb so we were really excited to hear that. So we taught him the first lesson on the spot and we answered all of his questions he had about the church, and he is really opened minded to so that was great, and we have another appointment with him tomorrow so I'm praying that it goes well.
We had to drop one of our investigators, at first the lesson was going well then he started to ask weird questions and it just started to escalate and it wasn't because of us he was just drunk so it got to the point where the spirit was just telling to get out so we did but he wasn't to happy about us leaving he was telling us to sit back down and swearing so we aren't going back there for a while, but I'm glad that he is a pretty small dude and he had a broken arm and was in a wheel chair so if things got out of hand we could have taken him :)
Those are probably the top stories of the week hope that last one didn't freak you out mom :)
So today has been pretty awesome we went golfing with a member cause he lives in a apartment with a golf course around it so that was pretty fun at first I couldn't hit the ball but near the end I was able to hit it pretty well so I that was fun, it's a lot funner if your playing it instead of watching it. and we get to go cave spelunking cause in the beer creak ward a member has a pretty deep cave in there back yard so the missionaries from that area invited us so I'm way excited for that.
I'm kinda jealous cause you guys are getting rain, we haven't had any real rain storms since before I got here we just get little sprinkle showers .
That's kinda a bummer that the Scottish festival wasn't as great as in the you got the letter from sister Witman they are a awesome family they are like in there 80s so there real smart sister Witman has written a couple of articles and brother Witman is like the law teacher for most university's so he is a real smart guy. I'm surprised that she mentioned that I was bold cause I think I'm still the same shy boy who left home a month ago.
So the heat is still a killer :( and the guy we talked to in the park is Ben and the guy we ran into while fasting is Kyle. and yes sending me a book with some pics would be nice I'll send my SD card in the mail soon it just has a lot more room on it.
Glad that you are all doing well and i look forward to your guys reply love you all
Elder Dixon
PS the next hand written letter wont be as long as the rest cause I don't have much time to write cause today is going to be busy.
Here is Jacob's address
              Elder Jacob Dixon
              9 S Old HWY 63 apt. #5
              Columbia, MO 65201

Monday, July 16, 2012

Packages and addresses


Hey family so I'm glad you were able to sell the car it kinda sucks that you only got 200 when they told you 350. So Jarom Harrison had his farewell that's pretty cool. I forgot to tell you guys this but in the MTC I met someone who looked a lot like Jarom and he had the same personality as him so that was kinda weird.
Don't worry about the music right now just do it whenever you have time to and I just remembered that the FMA opening I told you about is called FMA ending so I got them mixed up in my mind. So you can get Mike Marsh's address by going on my facebook and looking up his name cause he was the one who went in the MTC the same day. so we use the computers at the public library.
So I got your guys package that you all sent me thanks for all the goodies and the duck tape :)
I'm sending a letter with more info on how my week went cause I don't have a lot of time on the computer. Glad to hear that You are all doing well
Love Jacob
PS tell the McDonald's I say HI
and tell me how their doing

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Plane ride sickness

Hey so I'm glad to hear that you are all doing well, so your selling the white car? For how much? I hope that its enough for the plane ride. So Megan is pretty excited on being on a plane for the first time I know how she feels just make sure you have the barf bag ready for her cause there where a couple of times that I felt like I was going to puke.
Yes I am replacing my electrolytes I'm drinking lots of power aid.
I'm not using my inhaler allot cause I don't need it that much, and I'd prefer if you send me the pictures.
So we can listen to any music that invites the spirit so like Enya a couple of songs from Celtic women maybe and there are a few songs on the computer that I have that would be great one of them is "FMA Opening" or "Full Metal Op" I don't know which number it is but its the instrumental one. And if you find any music that I might like I like that and if you can put them on C.Ds but that's only if you have the time to :)
So what is mom going to drive during the school year after you sell the car?
Just wondering.
I'll be sending a longer letter with more details of how my week went.
Love you all
Oh and another thing can you ask the McDonald's for Elder Wilkins and Elder Larson Address so I can write them some time, and ask how many stamps I need to send a letter to South America and to the Philippines.
P.S. I like the photos of Roscoe he looks so happy (not really) speaking of which have you heard from him lately? I'm going to try writing him a letter today.
And have you received my letter that I wrote?
Love Elder Dixon

Monday, July 2, 2012

" waffle cause I was the "greenie"..."

Well family I'm glad to hear that you are all doing well. and I'm happy that uncle Wade was able to get the paper work so he can get sealed :).
So the fly over here was pretty cool it was pretty weird seeing the mountains disappear and then only seeing flatness all around . I really miss having mountains around.
After we landed we met with our mission pres and they are really awesome people they then took us to the temple in St. Louis and that was cool. They then took all of us out to eat at a Mongolian grill and that was way good I ate two big plates of that stuff yum!  They then took us to the mission home where we stayed the night and guess what? I saw firefly's well only a few but it was way cool. The next morning we got our new trainers and our new areas. My trainer for the next 12 weeks is Elder Barney who has been out for about a year and we are serving in Columbia it's a pretty decent sized area.
After that we went to our apartment and got me settled in and did a little bit of tracking but with little success but we did pass out some cards. Then on Thursday we did about the same thing but we did a lot of walking  and it was way hot and humid by the time we got back to our apartment my shirt was damp. We then had a district meeting so I got to meet every one in our district and there are 4 of us and we are all from Utah.
We also have our zone leaders in the same complex as us. Then on Friday we went out and visited one of our recent converts just to check up on him and we taught him about revelation. We then did some more tracking and this time it was about 107 degrees so we were sweating bullets and drinking a ton of water.

We then had dinner at one of the members and they fed us lasagna and it was pretty good.
Then we had a meeting with our ward mission coordinator but before that we went tracking in his neighborhood, and we found one new investigator and one new potential the only problem is that they won't be back for a about a month cause one is going to Florida and the others are going to Europe to watch the Olympics. So were praying that they will read the B.O.M. then Saturday we did just a bunch of tracking and contacting referrals and we got allot of cards out but no lessons taught to anyone, but we do have one potential who was the last person we contacted he said he would be happy to hear our message but his wife wasn't home so he told us to come back later so that was Saturday.
Then on Sunday we went to church and I got to know some of the people in the ward. we also had dinner at another members house and they fed us waffles,eggs and sausage and they gave me a green waffle cause I was the "greenie" haha so that's my week so far.
So I look forward to your guys next email and tell uncle Wade that I'm way excited for him and aunt Laura. I don't know the mailing address right now but I'll be sending a letter so that will have it on there.
Love you all-Elder Dixon.
PS I forgot to tell you that we have a family of raccoons and a possum and a giant wood chuck is what I think its called that come to our back door cause we give them our left overs some time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Arrival of Elder Dixon

This is just an email to let you know that your son, Elder Dixon, has arrived safely in the mission. We've already talked with him and we know he will be a great advocate of the Lord.

 -Elder Salisbury

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thanks for the Package

Hey family,
I got your package yesterday thanks for the m&ms they were good :)
So you guys moved the pig where to?
I'm glad that Jason and Kira got jobs and that Crystals interview went well.
Well nothing great happened this week it was just really one big blur, but I did get my nose cauterized so now I'm not getting a whole bunch of nose bleeds. I got a big letter from uncle Bret's family so that was nice. I wont see brother Mauler cause I don't have TRC on Thursdays cause its my p day.
We found out that a lot of the general authority's are coming on Sunday cause all of the new mission presidents are coming in on Saturday so its going to get crazy around here because of all the security, whats dads cousins name that is the body guard?
Well I gotta go for a little bit so write back soon.
and my address for my mission is
Elder Jacob Cory Dixon
Missouri St. Louis mission
1850 Craigslist Rd Suite 205
St. Louis, mo 63146 U.S

OK so I don't know if Nickson is a member or not but most of the people that come in are members but i think that he is just playing the role of someone you might get in the field how doesn't listen and who just isn't ready. Glad to hear that we got another chicken and the nose cauterization didn't cost me anything cause the church takes care of it.
My companion is going to the same mission as iI am but my two other roommates are going to Tulsa Oklahoma.
-Elder Dixon

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"...Happy early father's day..."

Happy early fathers day DAD hope it will be great.
So how is every body? is everything alright? Cause I haven't gotten any letters from guys yet so I'm kinda worried.
Well you guys should be getting a letter from me or you probably already got it, it was about our investigator Nickison, will disregard every thing I said about him cause we taught him yesterday and it went horribly for us cause first off he didn't do anything that we asked him to, second we tried explaining what he felt last time and he totally denied it so that kinda pissed us off and he doesn't believe in the book of Mormon or Joseph smith even though he didn't even read or pray about it so that was pretty discouraging and now I just don't think that he is ready for the Gospel I just think he is only there for the money that the church pays him for coming in, I don't know how it works but I think that's the only reason he is here, I don't know.
Will write back soon,
Oh and send me a list of all our relatives addresses on it that way I can write them if I have the time
-Elder Dixon

Thursday, May 31, 2012