Monday, September 24, 2012

New companion from Lehi

Hey family,
So my new companion is from Lehi, UT and has been out for 20 months so this might be his last area that he serves in.
Thanks for updating me on about missionary mall
I'm sorry to hear that the cars are still having problems and that the fires are still affecting mom i hope that things well start to get better.
So i would like to have Elder Micheal Marsh and Jared Condies address you should be able to look them up on my face book
So I got a letter from sister and brother McDonald this week with a letter from Dayan inside and right now most of the areas he is in are being flooded.
I also found out that their daughter is getting married soon that means that Dayan and Devin are the only ones left.
here are some pictures
love you all
Elder Dixon
 Downtown Columbia
Aircraft carrier I made
  We caught a really big raccoon and this is his hand he weight over 15 pounds
 A raptor and cougar I made

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