Monday, September 10, 2012

" first real Missouri rain storm..."

Hey family
So it looks like you guys had a lot of fun while you where in South Carolina. So Roscoe is now 140... well looks like I'm gonna have to step it up cause that's how much I weigh right now I've gained about 5 pounds since I left home and I'm pretty sure that its from eating rammen like every day :P Don't worry, you learn to change things in the rammen so its different every time, like bacon,hot dogs,eggs, BBQ sauce every now and then. Yeah go ahead and say... it I'm BBQ sauce freak, but I still blame mom :) 
I was in my first real Missouri rain storm this week, it was raining so hard that you could barley see out side the windows car and it you went out in it you would be soaked, we also had a little bit of hail, I sent a letter with more info of how my week went.
How are things over in Utah? is it still on fire? how is the family doing? how is school going for every one? how are the new baby goats?
So i have a question. can you put my k98k Mauser inside by rifle case I just realized that I didn't do that, and could you put the rest of my guns up stairs or put them where they wont be noticed, thanks
oh and tell Kira happy birthday for me
love you all,
Elder Dixon

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