Monday, January 28, 2013

New area


Hey family so this week was pretty good so this was has been pretty good, my new companion is Elder Jensen from Price Utah, he is almost done with his mission, and I'm going to be his last companion, so i get to kill him off( missionary lingo for last area and stuff) but he started his mission in Sullivan and now he is ending it here, so allot of the branch member know him pretty well.
So Sullivan is a smaller town than Columbia, there is about 7000 people here.
the branch has about 150 active members out of 300, so there is allot of less actives mainly because they live farther away and not a whole lot of people out here have jobs either so the people here are allot more humble than most people back in Columbia, but the branch is awesome they are all funny and have a good spirit about them, most of them are rednecks and they don't deny it either, and i love it!! :) because i get to talk about guns with them so that's always something that makes me happy :D.
So I am so excited that Jessica got her mission call!!! that is so crazy, can you send me her Email address so that i can con-graduate her.

so I was actually happy to be able to pack up my stuff and move to a new area, i feel like its a fresh start. cause being stuck in a area for 7 1/2 months gets kinda boring and repetitive.
So I am so excited to hear that Jessica got her mission call, she is going to do great there, I can't wait to tell Dayan and Devin we got permission to email each other so I've been emailing them lately .

So I'm glad that dad was able to use that gift card that i got him, i almost forgot about it,
So I'm sorry that Roscoe clipped the car, i know how you feel Roscoe cause i backed up into Jason's car at one point and put the first dent into his car, so try not to beat your self up about it, OK
So it sounds like every one is doing great
I hope you guys are well.
Love you all Elder Dixon
PS HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!