Monday, July 30, 2012

Teaching investigators

Hey family how it going, so you guys didn't read my letters right we don't have a baptism date yet for anyone and I don't get to teach Ben cause he is in the zone leaders area who are over all the single adults and Campos.
We haven't taught kyle yet cause he keeps canceling on us cause something always comes up.
So I'm glad to here that uncle Wade's wedding went well, sorry to hear that mom got sick cause of it.
So Cola gave birth to a buck and a doe that's good, what do they look like?
When do you think the white goat well give birth?
So this week was pretty awesome,
So Tuesday we just did a whole bunch of finding and as usual no one wanted to talk to us.

On Wednesday we taught on of our other investigator Womier she has been taught by a couple of missionaries now and is pretty slow at understanding things so its going to take awhile.
On Thursday we had our supper activity and we went to a cardinals game, went to the arch and saw the Mississippi but it was pretty small where we where cause it was in st Louis, but I've been told that it gets a lot bigger and I've seen some pictures of it to.
Then on Friday we went to a devotional and we heard from some awesome members, one of them being the guy who bought the land for the temple, by the way I get to go there on the 4th so I'm happy that I get to go into it this time.
Then on Saturday we just did allot of finding again.
Then on Sunday we went to church. so this week hasn't been so fruitful as the last couple of weeks.
So today is zone p-day so I'm looking forward to that.
Love you all,
- Elder Dixon
P.S. I'll be sending some pics real soon
By the way have you looked up those address for me yet?
Love Elder Dixon
 And tell brother Nelson that Elder Barney says hi back

Monday, July 23, 2012

"...had to drop one of our investigators..."


Hey family I got your letter this week it was great, thanks for the drawing Megan :)
So she wants me to make her some cranes for her b day, you'll have to remind me, so this week was pretty awesome on Tuesday we decided to fast cause we were sick of our potentials falling through, so after that we went out tracking and didn't find any one. Came back from lunch and prayed for guidance of where to go. So one of our potentials popped in to my mind so we went to his neighborhood and knocked on his door and he said that he wasn't interested so we just went and tracked the rest of the neighborhood and we knocked on a couple. We ran into a atheist and a minister for a baptist church and they were not interested so we knocked on this one door and a guy came out and said that he can't talk to us cause his kids asleep so we started to walk back to our car and he came out and stopped us and asked if we could just talk to him outside on the curb so we were really excited to hear that. So we taught him the first lesson on the spot and we answered all of his questions he had about the church, and he is really opened minded to so that was great, and we have another appointment with him tomorrow so I'm praying that it goes well.
We had to drop one of our investigators, at first the lesson was going well then he started to ask weird questions and it just started to escalate and it wasn't because of us he was just drunk so it got to the point where the spirit was just telling to get out so we did but he wasn't to happy about us leaving he was telling us to sit back down and swearing so we aren't going back there for a while, but I'm glad that he is a pretty small dude and he had a broken arm and was in a wheel chair so if things got out of hand we could have taken him :)
Those are probably the top stories of the week hope that last one didn't freak you out mom :)
So today has been pretty awesome we went golfing with a member cause he lives in a apartment with a golf course around it so that was pretty fun at first I couldn't hit the ball but near the end I was able to hit it pretty well so I that was fun, it's a lot funner if your playing it instead of watching it. and we get to go cave spelunking cause in the beer creak ward a member has a pretty deep cave in there back yard so the missionaries from that area invited us so I'm way excited for that.
I'm kinda jealous cause you guys are getting rain, we haven't had any real rain storms since before I got here we just get little sprinkle showers .
That's kinda a bummer that the Scottish festival wasn't as great as in the you got the letter from sister Witman they are a awesome family they are like in there 80s so there real smart sister Witman has written a couple of articles and brother Witman is like the law teacher for most university's so he is a real smart guy. I'm surprised that she mentioned that I was bold cause I think I'm still the same shy boy who left home a month ago.
So the heat is still a killer :( and the guy we talked to in the park is Ben and the guy we ran into while fasting is Kyle. and yes sending me a book with some pics would be nice I'll send my SD card in the mail soon it just has a lot more room on it.
Glad that you are all doing well and i look forward to your guys reply love you all
Elder Dixon
PS the next hand written letter wont be as long as the rest cause I don't have much time to write cause today is going to be busy.
Here is Jacob's address
              Elder Jacob Dixon
              9 S Old HWY 63 apt. #5
              Columbia, MO 65201

Monday, July 16, 2012

Packages and addresses


Hey family so I'm glad you were able to sell the car it kinda sucks that you only got 200 when they told you 350. So Jarom Harrison had his farewell that's pretty cool. I forgot to tell you guys this but in the MTC I met someone who looked a lot like Jarom and he had the same personality as him so that was kinda weird.
Don't worry about the music right now just do it whenever you have time to and I just remembered that the FMA opening I told you about is called FMA ending so I got them mixed up in my mind. So you can get Mike Marsh's address by going on my facebook and looking up his name cause he was the one who went in the MTC the same day. so we use the computers at the public library.
So I got your guys package that you all sent me thanks for all the goodies and the duck tape :)
I'm sending a letter with more info on how my week went cause I don't have a lot of time on the computer. Glad to hear that You are all doing well
Love Jacob
PS tell the McDonald's I say HI
and tell me how their doing

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Plane ride sickness

Hey so I'm glad to hear that you are all doing well, so your selling the white car? For how much? I hope that its enough for the plane ride. So Megan is pretty excited on being on a plane for the first time I know how she feels just make sure you have the barf bag ready for her cause there where a couple of times that I felt like I was going to puke.
Yes I am replacing my electrolytes I'm drinking lots of power aid.
I'm not using my inhaler allot cause I don't need it that much, and I'd prefer if you send me the pictures.
So we can listen to any music that invites the spirit so like Enya a couple of songs from Celtic women maybe and there are a few songs on the computer that I have that would be great one of them is "FMA Opening" or "Full Metal Op" I don't know which number it is but its the instrumental one. And if you find any music that I might like I like that and if you can put them on C.Ds but that's only if you have the time to :)
So what is mom going to drive during the school year after you sell the car?
Just wondering.
I'll be sending a longer letter with more details of how my week went.
Love you all
Oh and another thing can you ask the McDonald's for Elder Wilkins and Elder Larson Address so I can write them some time, and ask how many stamps I need to send a letter to South America and to the Philippines.
P.S. I like the photos of Roscoe he looks so happy (not really) speaking of which have you heard from him lately? I'm going to try writing him a letter today.
And have you received my letter that I wrote?
Love Elder Dixon

Monday, July 2, 2012

" waffle cause I was the "greenie"..."

Well family I'm glad to hear that you are all doing well. and I'm happy that uncle Wade was able to get the paper work so he can get sealed :).
So the fly over here was pretty cool it was pretty weird seeing the mountains disappear and then only seeing flatness all around . I really miss having mountains around.
After we landed we met with our mission pres and they are really awesome people they then took us to the temple in St. Louis and that was cool. They then took all of us out to eat at a Mongolian grill and that was way good I ate two big plates of that stuff yum!  They then took us to the mission home where we stayed the night and guess what? I saw firefly's well only a few but it was way cool. The next morning we got our new trainers and our new areas. My trainer for the next 12 weeks is Elder Barney who has been out for about a year and we are serving in Columbia it's a pretty decent sized area.
After that we went to our apartment and got me settled in and did a little bit of tracking but with little success but we did pass out some cards. Then on Thursday we did about the same thing but we did a lot of walking  and it was way hot and humid by the time we got back to our apartment my shirt was damp. We then had a district meeting so I got to meet every one in our district and there are 4 of us and we are all from Utah.
We also have our zone leaders in the same complex as us. Then on Friday we went out and visited one of our recent converts just to check up on him and we taught him about revelation. We then did some more tracking and this time it was about 107 degrees so we were sweating bullets and drinking a ton of water.

We then had dinner at one of the members and they fed us lasagna and it was pretty good.
Then we had a meeting with our ward mission coordinator but before that we went tracking in his neighborhood, and we found one new investigator and one new potential the only problem is that they won't be back for a about a month cause one is going to Florida and the others are going to Europe to watch the Olympics. So were praying that they will read the B.O.M. then Saturday we did just a bunch of tracking and contacting referrals and we got allot of cards out but no lessons taught to anyone, but we do have one potential who was the last person we contacted he said he would be happy to hear our message but his wife wasn't home so he told us to come back later so that was Saturday.
Then on Sunday we went to church and I got to know some of the people in the ward. we also had dinner at another members house and they fed us waffles,eggs and sausage and they gave me a green waffle cause I was the "greenie" haha so that's my week so far.
So I look forward to your guys next email and tell uncle Wade that I'm way excited for him and aunt Laura. I don't know the mailing address right now but I'll be sending a letter so that will have it on there.
Love you all-Elder Dixon.
PS I forgot to tell you that we have a family of raccoons and a possum and a giant wood chuck is what I think its called that come to our back door cause we give them our left overs some time.