Monday, April 22, 2013

"...we bike a lot..."

 So my new area is okay, we bike a lot, on Saturday we went 15+ miles, and we went up a lot of hills, so my legs are always sore. my companion Elder Wardle is a really cool missionary, he goes home in like 3 months, so ill be most likely killing him off.
 the weather is weird, its spring one day and fall the next and then we get hit by rain storms and lightning, so we get soaked allot.
 so this week was pretty good we found two new investigators this past week, we tracted in to them and we found out that they are former investigators, and they are open to us coming back, so that is a good thing.
 and that's the only thing that happened this week, so it was an ok week.
Elder Dixon

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Picture from Sullivan

This was my district, right to left, Elder Terrazas,me, Samson and England
The Kofoeds, the awesome family
Big Dave, he is another awesome member in the branch who helps us out a lot
This is what I bought my self for my birthday :) I know I'm a nerd

This is my area
Air craft carriers I made

Monday, April 15, 2013

"...if I was to visit Missouri..."


Right now I am on 1 Nephi 1:8 in my Japanese book of Mormon, it's kinda going slow cause I had to relearn the alphabet and what not, but im getting better day by day.
so I was way sad to leave Sullivan, it was probably my Favorite area so far, cause the branch members where so awesome and it reminded me of how our old ward use to be before it split, so it brought back some good memories, if I was to visit Missouri some time in the future i would totally come back to Sullivan first.
 so my new area is good, besides the whole biking part :/ on Wednesday when we got here we where biking back from visiting potentials and it started to pour rain, so by the time we got back to our apartment we where totally soaked.
 so I am no longer a district leader any more, so I am now a jr companion, but that doesn't mean any thing to me, we still share the responsibly of the area and the work.
Elder Dixon

Monday, April 8, 2013


Conference was good, but there was some sad news, a sister in the branch passed away in her sleep on Friday night, its been hard on the family because they where not expecting it, so that was sad, she was 65. All of the talks where good, I liked packers talk and I liked his testimony I could feel the spirit strong as he did so, and i felt like this is the last time that we will see him,

Got transfer calls on Saturday, I'm going to be leaving to St. Peters, it's a biking area, yay :/ it has a lot of hills is what I'm told.
  so the guy who knows Siufanua knows the family from the islands, I forget which one but he might be moving to payson to work security for the temple.
 well i have allot to get done today so ill email you next monday.
 love ya,
 Elder Dixon

Monday, April 1, 2013

"...talked about the Book of Mormon..."

so this week was pretty good we found 4 new investigators, Michael age mid 20s and Nadia age 11, we found them through tracting and taught them the first lesson on the spot, so that was pretty cool, and we will hopefully be seeing them tomorrow or Thursday.
 and the other 2 are Charles age 70 ish and Pearl also 70ish, we found them while tracting in bourbon, he just got done with chemo therapy so he is pretty weak, and they have lived in bourbon for 53 years. we talked about the Book of Mormon and they where open with us coming back to teach them, so that should go well. and we also set a baptism date with Donna for the 27 of April, she is some one who the missionaries have been working with for 2 years and know she wants to be baptized, she really loves how the church is like big family.
 so we are stocked for that.
 so that was the highlights of my week.

Love ya,
 Elder Dixon