Monday, April 1, 2013

"...talked about the Book of Mormon..."

so this week was pretty good we found 4 new investigators, Michael age mid 20s and Nadia age 11, we found them through tracting and taught them the first lesson on the spot, so that was pretty cool, and we will hopefully be seeing them tomorrow or Thursday.
 and the other 2 are Charles age 70 ish and Pearl also 70ish, we found them while tracting in bourbon, he just got done with chemo therapy so he is pretty weak, and they have lived in bourbon for 53 years. we talked about the Book of Mormon and they where open with us coming back to teach them, so that should go well. and we also set a baptism date with Donna for the 27 of April, she is some one who the missionaries have been working with for 2 years and know she wants to be baptized, she really loves how the church is like big family.
 so we are stocked for that.
 so that was the highlights of my week.

Love ya,
 Elder Dixon

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