Monday, March 25, 2013

"...we found 4 new investigators..."


 so I'm glad that Megan's b-day party went well, it sounds like she really had a good birthday, i sent her a letter with a card and some paper cranes on a string, I told her not to open it until her real birthday, do you know if she opened it, and if so that's ok.
 so this week was pretty good we found 4 new investigators, James, he is some one that we tracted into and came back and taught him the first lesson, it went well we cleared up some misconception about the book of Mormon.
 then there is Ashley and Daniel, they are friends of one of our members, we taught them the 1st lesson, it went well they had allot of good questions. Ashley is a former investigator from two years ago, she stop taking the lesson cause during the plan of salvation one of the members opened his mouth and gave allot of info about the plan of salvation and she didn't understand it so it scared her off, so she is warming back up to us.
 and the other is jasmine she was a referral who the branch president referred, she needed some help with some food so the branch president gave her a bishop store house order, that happens allot out here, cause allot of people don't have jobs, so allot of the churches out here help people.
 but with all things there most be equal opposition, unfortunately, carol, the one who lives on Roscoe street dropped us :( she doesn't want us to come over cause she doesn't want her grand kids getting confused about different doctrine.
 so that was my week, i think it went pretty well despite the bad things that happened.

Love ya,
Elder Dixon

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