Monday, July 29, 2013

" of the best weeks I've hand..."

This week was awesome, because we had 3 baptisms Dian, Amanda and Chris got baptized, ill sent you a pic, I baptized Chris and Elder Toki baptized Dain and Amanda, and a member gave a great talk and most of the people that where there where crying, the spirit was really strong there, they are an awesome family. but there weren't able to get confirmed because Satan is real and is a jerk wad, there car broke down on Sunday and they where really stressed with a couple of other things, so they didn't make it to church, so we are kinda sad about that, but they are going to be confirmed next Sunday and we are seeing them through out the week so that they don't slip through the cracks.
 we also where able to get back  in contact with  some of our investigators that seemed to fall of the face of the planet. and we are going to be seeing them this week sometime.
  yeah this week was one of the best that I've had on my mission.
and today we are going to make shirts for the next zone p-day which is next week and its going to be 3 zones playing capture the flag in forest park, its going to be Awesome ill send a picture next week of what the shirts look like.
-Elder Dixon

Monday, July 22, 2013

"...change in his heart and it was softened..."


We found two new investigators, the first is a referral from a member, his name is Leland, he is really cool and wants to come closer to Christ, he grew up Pentecostal but something happened and the church turned there back on him and his family kind of disowned him, so he has had it pretty rough, he is really open and has questions when we are teaching him, so that means that he is listening, and he is super excited to be baptized, and when we asked him what day we could come back, he responded and said the following day, that rarely happens, its probably one of the first times, so we go over there the next day and something was different about him, he wasn't as happy when we met with him the day prior, so we sit down and start talking, and he starts telling us that he had spoken to his father ( when I heard him say that, my heart sunk ,cause I knew why he wasn't as happy, cause his father told him some anti-Mormon stuff, I really hate that more than getting doors slammed in my face). His father had told him that we put man before God, so we cleared that up, but he had hardened his heart and wasn't going to listen to things we had to say, so Elder Toki and I both shared some really personal and sacred things and bore our testimony, and guess what? it worked, the lord was able to bring a change in his heart and it was softened, now we will be having another baptism soon, he is now really excited about it and he has prayed about it and knows that it is true, so it was a very close call, bearing your testimony is very vital to missionary work, it allows the spirit to bear witness of the truth that we have.
 Our other investigator is Furat, she is the daughter of a member who used to be married to a muslim man but is now divorced from her, and furat has been coming to church for a long time know and is actively engaged in the young women's, so she already knows allot and she got permission from her father to be baptized, so we just reviewed all the lessons and she was baptized on Saturday, along with another women who the other elders in our ward where teaching.
-Elder Dixon

Monday, July 15, 2013

"...time for the Awesome news..."


Hey Family,
 I'm pretty sad to hear about about Grandma Davis, but I'm comforted to know that what ever happens that it isn't the end. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation and the blessings that Heavenly father gives us.
So time for the Awesome news of the week, Dain,Chris and Amanda all came to church!!!!  they all loved it, Dain and Amanda said that they where crying when they where in relief society and the members came up to us and told us the same thing, and Chris loves young men, so we are super excited about that. but when they got home from church they found out that the land lord is going to evict them today because they where behind one there rent, and there electric and gas, so they let us know, and they have been having hard times with finances, and we told them in the past that we can't really help them out with that, but we told them that we can provide spiritual help, so they have been coming to church because of the spiritual hunger, but when we found out what was going to happen we meet with the bishop after church and told him the situation and we went over with the 1st counseled and the ward clerk and they talked to them and said that they would try to see what they can do, and the bishop called us today and said that he talked to the land lord and is going to help Dain and family get back on there feet, so to say the least we where truly grateful for that and Dain was also happy to hear that as well. and guess what?  THEY HAVE A BAPTISM DATE FOR THE 27TH OF THIS MONTH!!!!!!!  me and Elder Toki are so excited about it, we cant wait and neither can we.
Elder Dixon

Monday, July 8, 2013

"...the weather sucks..."

The weather here sucks, it gets really hot and then you have the humidity and then it rains and after the rain, it fells like you could swim through the air, id rather deal with the dry heat than this.
 so this week was pretty good, we went to a members house for the 4 of July, but we had to work till 4 o'clock and the bus schedule was a little out of whack since it was the 4rth most of the busses where in st Louis since they where having a big thing at the arch. but it was good, the member spent like 600 on fire works, so it was pretty awesome,
We also got to meet our new mission president, president Morgan, he is from Kaysville Utah, he is really cool, I look forward to this last year with him.
 and we also had a family of investigators come to church, so we where pretty excited for that.
Hope all is going well for everyone,
 Elder Dixon

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July pictures

Fireworks from the 4th of July

Picture when we went and tagged paint Louis last Monday

Monday, July 1, 2013

"...Jewish hospital..."

The weather here has  been hot and humid :p I really don't like it.
 so this week was good we didn't get to teach Edwardo or any of the other investigators I talked about last time.
 We did get two new investigators last week :) Anthony and Kyle, Anthony is the husband of a recent convert, and guess what there last name is.... its Dixon, I know im not supposed to give last names but I think its pretty cool that we have the same last name, but I don't think we are related, there both from st Louis and African American. Kyle is the cousin to one of our investigators, Eric, we went over to teach Eric and his cousin was there so we just reviewed the 1st lesson. it went good but they brought up some concerns about the word of wisdom, but we brought it back to the point that if the Book of Mormon is true than Joseph Smith was a prophet and he did receive revelation for Gods Children, and we committed them to live the word of wisdom if they receive an answer.  yep so that was our week, it was really good.
 Me and Elder Toki are getting along great, we have a deal that if I can get him to loose weight than he his going to help me work out better so I will have bigger muscles when I get back, haha.
 so we went and gave a blessing to a members husband and we went to the barns and Jewish hospital in St Louis, it is HUGE ill attach the picture to this email.  the other picture is of the river right by our apartment  I think it is pretty cool.
 well time to email my new mission president .
 Elder Dixon