Monday, July 8, 2013

"...the weather sucks..."

The weather here sucks, it gets really hot and then you have the humidity and then it rains and after the rain, it fells like you could swim through the air, id rather deal with the dry heat than this.
 so this week was pretty good, we went to a members house for the 4 of July, but we had to work till 4 o'clock and the bus schedule was a little out of whack since it was the 4rth most of the busses where in st Louis since they where having a big thing at the arch. but it was good, the member spent like 600 on fire works, so it was pretty awesome,
We also got to meet our new mission president, president Morgan, he is from Kaysville Utah, he is really cool, I look forward to this last year with him.
 and we also had a family of investigators come to church, so we where pretty excited for that.
Hope all is going well for everyone,
 Elder Dixon

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