Monday, July 1, 2013

"...Jewish hospital..."

The weather here has  been hot and humid :p I really don't like it.
 so this week was good we didn't get to teach Edwardo or any of the other investigators I talked about last time.
 We did get two new investigators last week :) Anthony and Kyle, Anthony is the husband of a recent convert, and guess what there last name is.... its Dixon, I know im not supposed to give last names but I think its pretty cool that we have the same last name, but I don't think we are related, there both from st Louis and African American. Kyle is the cousin to one of our investigators, Eric, we went over to teach Eric and his cousin was there so we just reviewed the 1st lesson. it went good but they brought up some concerns about the word of wisdom, but we brought it back to the point that if the Book of Mormon is true than Joseph Smith was a prophet and he did receive revelation for Gods Children, and we committed them to live the word of wisdom if they receive an answer.  yep so that was our week, it was really good.
 Me and Elder Toki are getting along great, we have a deal that if I can get him to loose weight than he his going to help me work out better so I will have bigger muscles when I get back, haha.
 so we went and gave a blessing to a members husband and we went to the barns and Jewish hospital in St Louis, it is HUGE ill attach the picture to this email.  the other picture is of the river right by our apartment  I think it is pretty cool.
 well time to email my new mission president .
 Elder Dixon

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