Monday, July 22, 2013

"...change in his heart and it was softened..."


We found two new investigators, the first is a referral from a member, his name is Leland, he is really cool and wants to come closer to Christ, he grew up Pentecostal but something happened and the church turned there back on him and his family kind of disowned him, so he has had it pretty rough, he is really open and has questions when we are teaching him, so that means that he is listening, and he is super excited to be baptized, and when we asked him what day we could come back, he responded and said the following day, that rarely happens, its probably one of the first times, so we go over there the next day and something was different about him, he wasn't as happy when we met with him the day prior, so we sit down and start talking, and he starts telling us that he had spoken to his father ( when I heard him say that, my heart sunk ,cause I knew why he wasn't as happy, cause his father told him some anti-Mormon stuff, I really hate that more than getting doors slammed in my face). His father had told him that we put man before God, so we cleared that up, but he had hardened his heart and wasn't going to listen to things we had to say, so Elder Toki and I both shared some really personal and sacred things and bore our testimony, and guess what? it worked, the lord was able to bring a change in his heart and it was softened, now we will be having another baptism soon, he is now really excited about it and he has prayed about it and knows that it is true, so it was a very close call, bearing your testimony is very vital to missionary work, it allows the spirit to bear witness of the truth that we have.
 Our other investigator is Furat, she is the daughter of a member who used to be married to a muslim man but is now divorced from her, and furat has been coming to church for a long time know and is actively engaged in the young women's, so she already knows allot and she got permission from her father to be baptized, so we just reviewed all the lessons and she was baptized on Saturday, along with another women who the other elders in our ward where teaching.
-Elder Dixon

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