Monday, July 15, 2013

"...time for the Awesome news..."


Hey Family,
 I'm pretty sad to hear about about Grandma Davis, but I'm comforted to know that what ever happens that it isn't the end. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation and the blessings that Heavenly father gives us.
So time for the Awesome news of the week, Dain,Chris and Amanda all came to church!!!!  they all loved it, Dain and Amanda said that they where crying when they where in relief society and the members came up to us and told us the same thing, and Chris loves young men, so we are super excited about that. but when they got home from church they found out that the land lord is going to evict them today because they where behind one there rent, and there electric and gas, so they let us know, and they have been having hard times with finances, and we told them in the past that we can't really help them out with that, but we told them that we can provide spiritual help, so they have been coming to church because of the spiritual hunger, but when we found out what was going to happen we meet with the bishop after church and told him the situation and we went over with the 1st counseled and the ward clerk and they talked to them and said that they would try to see what they can do, and the bishop called us today and said that he talked to the land lord and is going to help Dain and family get back on there feet, so to say the least we where truly grateful for that and Dain was also happy to hear that as well. and guess what?  THEY HAVE A BAPTISM DATE FOR THE 27TH OF THIS MONTH!!!!!!!  me and Elder Toki are so excited about it, we cant wait and neither can we.
Elder Dixon

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