Sunday, January 26, 2014

"We went to the city museum yesterday..."

Hey family,
Thanks for sending me the pictures to the funeral. Itsgood to see most of the family, I'm glad that it went well.
It's interesting to see how some people look differently than I last saw them. 
I'm glad that you where able to read my letter that I sent to grandma. Thanks
So this week was good, we where able to teach Kiem on Tuesday and Friday and they both went well, we taught her the word of wisdom on Tuesday and she said that she would throw out her iced tea that night which she did, so that was awesome and she doesn't have any other problems with the rest of it, she is also starting to read the book of Mormon from the beginning. On Friday we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and its went well, we had another member there (brother Fuller, second counselor in the bishopric) And he is also there home teacher, and he had some great input. She is really excited about baptism and she always like sharing with us the way that she feels really good inside.
Besides that we didn't get to teach anybody. Oh we had president interviews on Thursday, and that went ok.
We went to the city museum yesterday with the other Elders in our district and we met up with Elder Toki and a couple of other missionaries, since Elder Toki is leaving next week, ll send some pictures along with the email.
the weather is still really weird, it was 45 yesterday and today we got a inch of snow and its 10 outside right now.
So I don't know what was wrong that day when wrote the letter, I just struggled with trying to write neatly. and I haven't gotten a appointment with the eye doctor yet, I'm waiting until next week when we find out what is happening with transfers, we get the call on Saturday what is happening so the next email from me ill let you know what is happening.
Hope you all have a good week.
Love you all-Elder Jacob Dixon
 Here are some picture from Elder Dixon


Monday, January 20, 2014

email from the Davidson Family

Email sent to us on 1/14/14
The Elders just left our house a few minutes ago. The temperature is dropping and a few flakes started falling as they walked out the door. We didn’t have dinner until 7:30 p.m. because they were at Kim Johnson’s home teaching her the lesson on the Word of Wisdom. They said that she only drinks iced tea, and was very positive about making that change in her life. They are very optimistic that things are working well toward her baptism on February 2.
As soon as they walked in the door, Elder Taft sat down with my kids to play trucks in a bin of dry beans. There was one black bean and they took turns hiding it and having the others find it.
After dinner, the Elders taught us about their mission goal for the year and challenged us to pray with them to achieve 521 baptisms. Every missionary prays at 10 pm every night for success with their personal goals and the mission goals. We are invited to pray with the missionaries, so that the members and the missionaries will be more united and work together.
While we were having dessert, my son showed them how to run his Lego robot using an iPad as a remote control. We joked about taking pictures of them playing on an iPad.
We love having your sons over for dinner. They bring such a Spirit into our home! We sent them home with a few clementine oranges for tomorrow… They have a lot more dinner appointments this week because we had the dinner calendar circulated during church. Dinners were scarce last week because church had been cancelled. Thanks again for sharing your sons with us.
Love, Rob and Kim Davidson and family


Goodbye Grandma you will be missed by many, I look forward to seeing you again some day. (Jacob's Grandma passed away on Sunday 1/12/14)
I'm thankful that I was able to talk to her on Thursday, I know it meant allot to her and to me as well, the conversation was only like 15 minuets, but she was in and out, but I told her that loved her and missed her and she said that she loved me to, I will admit that I did cry for awhile after the phone call, probably one of the few times that I've done so on my mission. I'm doing ok, I'm sad about the whole thing, but I'm glad that the pain is over with, and for the knowledge that I have about the gospel helps me when these kind of things happen.
     So this week was good, besides the bad news about grandma (Davis). We did get to teach Kiem the lesson about the restoration of the gospel, it went great, we watched the restoration DVD when we started talking about Joseph Smith and we pushed the date back to Feb 2nd, she is so ready and she is really excited about it all. she came to church on Sunday and stayed for the 1st and 2nd hour, she liked it and allot of the members talked to her when they came. so that was our high light of the week. and we will be meeting with her on Tuesday and Fridays now, and she is reading the book of Mormon from the beginning and is liking it so far.
Thanks for letting me know about the funeral arrangements, you'll have to tell me how it goes in the next email.
 I hope that you get a new boss that is great, do you think they might ask you? Just wondering
and the Vellingas already know about grandma, we had dinner at there house yesterday.
Well I hope you all have a good you all
-Elder Jacob Dixon

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year's and SNOW!!


So this week was ok, we weren't able to teach kiem or abdur, they both had stuff come up, so we are most likely pushing kiems baptism date back 1 or two weeks, we still need to figure it out.

New Year's eve was fun, we went to a family in the ward, the Liddell's, they are pretty cool. We had a great dinner and we played some board games and some air hockey. We also had a training from the zone leaders to the whole zone about our new goal and its going to be 521 baptisms by the end of the year, we barley missed our last goal by 7 and we wanted 450 but g-only got 443, so we were so close to it. so I pray that they can accomplish this goal, I will only be able to see half of it by the time I leave, kind of sad :(
It snowed on Sunday and we got about 8 inches of snow, and it came pretty fast to, I had woke up around 4:45, 5:00 in the morning and I looked out side and I didn't see any snow, then I went back to bed and when we both woke up at 6:30 we had at least 6 inches of snow, and it was below 0 the whole day, so church was canceled and we where told not to drive our cars and only told to go outside if we had to, it was really windy as well.

Monday the high was -2 and the low was -12, thank goodness it was p-day. and we are supposed to get more snow on Wednesday.

Hope everyone has a great week

Elder Dixon

 Here are some picture of Jacob in the cold weather that they are having right now.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pictures of Jacob

A member sent this to us this week:
Elder Taft and Elder Dixon had dinner with us tonight, and helped us celebrate Rob’s birthday.
My husband and I had taken dinner to the Bower’s, and we had your sons meet us there.
They gave Sister Bower a blessing. It was so very powerful. The Spirit was so strong. You have wonderful missionaries out here in Missouri. They are prepared. They work hard. They always do their very best. We are so glad to know them!

Love, Rob and Kim Davidson and family

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years family.

This week was allot of fun! it was great Skypeing with you guys and being able to see you all.
And thanks for all the presents, I love them all! We had a blast at members homes during Christmas and Christmas Eve, we had two dinners on Christmas Eve and we had breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner on Christmas Day, so within a 24 hour period we had 6 meals altogether, and allot of the members gave us candy, so plus the candy you guys sent and the stuff I was given, I have about 10 pounds of candy :P I'm still full from all the meals we had. Elder Taft has about 20 pounds of candy! That should last him for the rest of his mission.
We met with Kiem on Friday and had a really good lesson with her, we read from Alma 32 and talked about the seed of faith, we also set a date for her to be baptized, it's set for the 18th of January, we are all excited about it, and her husband will be baptizing her. We are super excited about it.
Nothing new with Abdur, we try to stop by now and again to try to meet with him, but allot of the times he works so its hard to catch a time when he is home, but we are still trying.
I'm glad that grandpa Davis treated himself to a Christmas present, I bet he is really happy. As for news about grandma's situation, it is hard to deal with at times, I mean it's pretty much the first time that a close family member is going through something like this. So I don't really know the best way to cope with every thing, but it is something I need to learn to do. So please keep me updated about grandma or anyone else, I'd rather be informed than being kept in the dark about things that are happening.
And that's awesome to hear about J Ryan going through the temple, and grandpa (Dixon) was able to take him through the veil.
 The weather here is really cold, it was in the high 50s on Friday and Saturday
This week should go well also, we have another appointment with Kiem and we are celebrating New Years eve with a family in the ward, so it should be allot of fun.
Love you all

Merry Christmas Dixon Family!

Jacob's Merry Christmas Email.
He did not get to Skype with us until 1:17 pm our time. 
But he was in great spirits, super happy and anxious to get back to teaching his current investigators.
Merry Christmas Dixon Family!!

 I'm sorry that grandma's and grandpa's move was hard on you Mom, I know that you do allot for them and are always looking out for their benefit. Sorry to hear about bro Haskell, I'll have to write Jared an email, that's got to be hard on him.
So 1 my time sounds good, I'll be Skypeing from the Davidson's! I'm super excited about Christmas, we will be spending the whole day with members. We will be going to the Vellingas for breakfast and opening presents.This week was okay, we met with Abdur this week, we didn't get to teach really any thing, he just got back from work and he was busy with his family, and we didn't want to pull him away from that, but he came to the ward Christmas with Santa breakfast, so that was good, and neither him or Kiem where able to come to church, but we have a appointment with Kiem for on Friday.
Yeah so nothing much happened this week, oh we got freezing rain this week, so its pretty cool to see all the trees covered in ice, and the roads are not bad either.
So did you get the letter that I sent with all the Christmas cards? Well I hope you all have a great Christmas, this will be the last one that I have in the mission field :O pretty crazy
Love you all-Elder Dixon