Sunday, January 26, 2014

"We went to the city museum yesterday..."

Hey family,
Thanks for sending me the pictures to the funeral. Itsgood to see most of the family, I'm glad that it went well.
It's interesting to see how some people look differently than I last saw them. 
I'm glad that you where able to read my letter that I sent to grandma. Thanks
So this week was good, we where able to teach Kiem on Tuesday and Friday and they both went well, we taught her the word of wisdom on Tuesday and she said that she would throw out her iced tea that night which she did, so that was awesome and she doesn't have any other problems with the rest of it, she is also starting to read the book of Mormon from the beginning. On Friday we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and its went well, we had another member there (brother Fuller, second counselor in the bishopric) And he is also there home teacher, and he had some great input. She is really excited about baptism and she always like sharing with us the way that she feels really good inside.
Besides that we didn't get to teach anybody. Oh we had president interviews on Thursday, and that went ok.
We went to the city museum yesterday with the other Elders in our district and we met up with Elder Toki and a couple of other missionaries, since Elder Toki is leaving next week, ll send some pictures along with the email.
the weather is still really weird, it was 45 yesterday and today we got a inch of snow and its 10 outside right now.
So I don't know what was wrong that day when wrote the letter, I just struggled with trying to write neatly. and I haven't gotten a appointment with the eye doctor yet, I'm waiting until next week when we find out what is happening with transfers, we get the call on Saturday what is happening so the next email from me ill let you know what is happening.
Hope you all have a good week.
Love you all-Elder Jacob Dixon
 Here are some picture from Elder Dixon


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