Monday, August 27, 2012

Raccoons and Possums

Hey family so I'm glad to hear that every one is doing great.So uncle Ben stayed over for a whole week? How did it go? Its good to hear that he is putting off weight and going back to school, tell him I say hi. 
It good to know that you guys are still going to go see Roscoe graduate I'm sure that he would like those Reese's Butter cups and its good to hear that he past his pt tests. 
So the Melatonin  pills aren't really helping but I've been taking some over the counter sleeping pill that seem to be working, but I still wake up every once in a while and the only problem with the pills is that when wake up I don't fell refreshed. 
So I don't have much time but ill be sending a letter with more info in it. So the picture and videos.
To see the picture click for this post here  
1. this is Phil one of the possums 
2. our first attempt to catch a raccoon, but he escaped 
3. this is Phil Jr another possum, man he is ugly 
4.this is a stick bug on our window 
5. same stick bug 
6.our first successful catch the video explains it 
7. picture of the our trap with... Two raccoons but one of them jumped out later on 
8. just another video with a fork and knife in hand ready to eat my first coon meal :) just kidding we let him go after a little bit 
10. another picture of me 
11-12 the coon inside the trap 
PS the trap is made out of some old bed sheets and some rope 
Love you all hope this week goes well for all of you. 
And when you see Roscoe give him a huge for me.

-Elder Dixon

So its not letting me send the videos so I'll just send the pictures.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Forgetting birthdays

Hey family so I don't really need my fan sent to me cause we have a box fan in our apartment.
So its good to hear about all the stuff happening with the uncle Bret and Grandpa Dixon.
So I'm sorry that I forgot about Crystals Birthday, I think you guys need to send a list that has Birthdays on it cause I don't have Facebook to remind me.
So has my letters been getting to you guys? Did you get the SD card I sent?
I'm glad to hear about the other missionaries in our ward its good to know that they are having good experiences over there.
Its cool to know that the people are replacing the ionizer for free I just hope she gets it back before the trip.
Ok so to answer your questions about our investigators. Kyle is the one that we talked on the curb and every time we try to set up an appointment he bails cause something always comes up and it's really hard to set up another. So the Indian guys name is Ben and I haven't really heard much about him cause he is being taught by the zone leaders and I'm pretty sure he might be done with school and moving back to India I'm not sure,
And the Mullins we contacted a couple of days ago but his wife is really sick so he told us to wait a couple of weeks.
Well that all that I have time for right now I'll talk to you guys next week.
Elder Dixon

Monday, August 13, 2012

"...I can't be that silent little kid in the corner..."

Hey family 

I'm sorry to hear about Roscoe and how he isn't doing very well, so you still haven't answered my question about his shine splits, what are they exactly? And is he able to receive letters at this time?
So grandpa got a GPS? That's pretty awesome they are way nice to have cause Elder Barney has one so we use it to find peoples address's cause they don't use the grid system out here so it is next to impossible to find a address without what temple did you guys go to I'm guessing you went to the Provo one?
 So the bishops are taking lessons from the missionaries? I thought that they where already members? Or are they just less actives?
 So to answer your question about the pictures I haven't gotten them yet but mail does take awhile to get here.
 So how are the McDonald's doing?
So every thing over here is ok, we are still having a hard time finding investigators and the ones that we have are ignoring our calls and visits so we are probably going to drop them :( and to tell you the truth its been really discouraging lately its been really hard cooping to the missionary life style, in the mtc they tell you to just be yourself on a mission, but that's really hard for me cause I have to change who I am, I have to change my personality and my character, I can't be that silent little kid in the corner any more, instead I have to be someone who has to go and talk to people i don't even know and deal with rejection every day cause so many people have hardened there hearts towards the church, or are just to stubborn to listen to what we have to say. I just wish there was an easier way to come out of my comfort zone.
 Love you all hope this week works out better for everyone.
Elder Dixon

Monday, August 6, 2012


Hey family so things are still kinda the same I still haven't had any decent nights rest so that's one of the biggest things bringing me down. So you guys are taking turns writing Roscoe every day, that's pretty cool, so when are you going to start doing that for me? JK I wouldn't have time to read all of them if you did that.
So how is the rest of the family doing? Like aunts and uncles and grandparents.
So what is a Shin splints? I hope its not that serious, so how did he do on his pt test?

So we are still kicking China's butt in the Olympics, that's good :) So apparently there is a guy from Romania that looks like me, that's what some other missionaries said, when they where visiting with a member and the Olympics where on.
So this week me and elder barney went to the St Louis temple and that was way nice to be able to do that cause I needed it.
So how is dad doing with his back cause I know in past letters its been pretty bad.
Oh and you need to send some pictures of the new baby goats.
So in the letter that you guys sent with Dayan and Devin's letters and your letter as well Megan drew me a picture and said some thing about cranes and I couldn't understand it so if you could tell me what she wanted it would help out a lot.
Love ya lots Elder Dixon