Monday, August 6, 2012


Hey family so things are still kinda the same I still haven't had any decent nights rest so that's one of the biggest things bringing me down. So you guys are taking turns writing Roscoe every day, that's pretty cool, so when are you going to start doing that for me? JK I wouldn't have time to read all of them if you did that.
So how is the rest of the family doing? Like aunts and uncles and grandparents.
So what is a Shin splints? I hope its not that serious, so how did he do on his pt test?

So we are still kicking China's butt in the Olympics, that's good :) So apparently there is a guy from Romania that looks like me, that's what some other missionaries said, when they where visiting with a member and the Olympics where on.
So this week me and elder barney went to the St Louis temple and that was way nice to be able to do that cause I needed it.
So how is dad doing with his back cause I know in past letters its been pretty bad.
Oh and you need to send some pictures of the new baby goats.
So in the letter that you guys sent with Dayan and Devin's letters and your letter as well Megan drew me a picture and said some thing about cranes and I couldn't understand it so if you could tell me what she wanted it would help out a lot.
Love ya lots Elder Dixon

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