Monday, August 13, 2012

"...I can't be that silent little kid in the corner..."

Hey family 

I'm sorry to hear about Roscoe and how he isn't doing very well, so you still haven't answered my question about his shine splits, what are they exactly? And is he able to receive letters at this time?
So grandpa got a GPS? That's pretty awesome they are way nice to have cause Elder Barney has one so we use it to find peoples address's cause they don't use the grid system out here so it is next to impossible to find a address without what temple did you guys go to I'm guessing you went to the Provo one?
 So the bishops are taking lessons from the missionaries? I thought that they where already members? Or are they just less actives?
 So to answer your question about the pictures I haven't gotten them yet but mail does take awhile to get here.
 So how are the McDonald's doing?
So every thing over here is ok, we are still having a hard time finding investigators and the ones that we have are ignoring our calls and visits so we are probably going to drop them :( and to tell you the truth its been really discouraging lately its been really hard cooping to the missionary life style, in the mtc they tell you to just be yourself on a mission, but that's really hard for me cause I have to change who I am, I have to change my personality and my character, I can't be that silent little kid in the corner any more, instead I have to be someone who has to go and talk to people i don't even know and deal with rejection every day cause so many people have hardened there hearts towards the church, or are just to stubborn to listen to what we have to say. I just wish there was an easier way to come out of my comfort zone.
 Love you all hope this week works out better for everyone.
Elder Dixon

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