Monday, August 20, 2012

Forgetting birthdays

Hey family so I don't really need my fan sent to me cause we have a box fan in our apartment.
So its good to hear about all the stuff happening with the uncle Bret and Grandpa Dixon.
So I'm sorry that I forgot about Crystals Birthday, I think you guys need to send a list that has Birthdays on it cause I don't have Facebook to remind me.
So has my letters been getting to you guys? Did you get the SD card I sent?
I'm glad to hear about the other missionaries in our ward its good to know that they are having good experiences over there.
Its cool to know that the people are replacing the ionizer for free I just hope she gets it back before the trip.
Ok so to answer your questions about our investigators. Kyle is the one that we talked on the curb and every time we try to set up an appointment he bails cause something always comes up and it's really hard to set up another. So the Indian guys name is Ben and I haven't really heard much about him cause he is being taught by the zone leaders and I'm pretty sure he might be done with school and moving back to India I'm not sure,
And the Mullins we contacted a couple of days ago but his wife is really sick so he told us to wait a couple of weeks.
Well that all that I have time for right now I'll talk to you guys next week.
Elder Dixon

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