Monday, June 24, 2013


I don't know when the twins get home but I know it is pretty close, its crazy to think that they are almost done with there missions, I bet they well get married before I get back from my mission, Dayan most likely within 6 months since he has someone waiting for him.
 so this week was good, we had transfers, my new companion is Elder Toki, he is from California.
 he is a really cool elder, we should have no problem getting along, so my new area is a bus area and I'm in the southern part of St. Louis, its.... interesting, you meet all sorts of people on the bus.
 we have a pretty good size teaching pool, the latest success story of the week is that we found a new investigator,  well he sort of found us, so we where in the more ghetto part of our area on Friday and we where waiting for the bus and this Hispanic comes up and starts asking who we are, and after we started to talk to him we found out that his father in law just passed away, so he was having a hard time with that, so we got his info and we set up a time to meet him on Sunday since that is one of his days off, and when we taught him the plan of salvation, he told us that it brought allot of peace into his heart and that he wasn't worried about him any more, and we left him with a scripture to read, and when we left and got back on the bus we drove passed his house and he was outside reading the book of Mormon!!! man that was way cool to see, his name is Edrodo, he is a really cool guy.
so this week went really good, and its only the beginning of the 8 weeks that we are here for!!!!!
Elder Dixon

Monday, June 17, 2013

"...I'm going to Carondelet..."

So i haven't gotten the bike fixed yet, I'm just borrowing another missionaries bike for now, but i wont be needing it, we got transfer calls on Saturday, I'm going to Carondelet (2) and my new companions name is Elder Toki, I've served around him before so i already know some things about him, so I'm happy i get stuck with someone that i can get along with for the next 8 weeks. 
 I have been reading the book Crystal and Adam gave me. I didn't read it today because its packed away, i have allot of books that i have accumulated over time, so before i go home ill have to send allot of them in packaging.
 so this week was ok, it was a slower week for missionary work, we went on exchanges this weeks with another pair of elders in our district, and one with the zone leader, we went able to teach that family that we found during tracking, we where supposed to meet with her on Tuesday but something came up so she had to cancel, so we will try to see her tomorrow and try to set something up so the new elders coming in will have someone to teach.
 Besides all that we just tracked, but we where both sick with something and what ever i had affected my asthma, so the last thing i want to do is to go out biking and make it worse.
 Hope everyone has a good week,
Elder Dixon

Monday, June 10, 2013

"...didn't get a whole lot done..."


This week was ok, we didn't get a whole lot done cause my asthma was acting up pretty bad so that prevented us from biking around, but we still got some things done when we went on team ups with our members, we had some appointments lined up, but they fell through, and we havent been able to teach that family that we found through tracking, did i talk about them in the last email?
 we also taught pat, she is a older lady that we have been working on.
 we talked about the book of Mormon and the importance of the priesthood authority, and we invited her to come to church but she is still upset about what happen the last time she  attended a church, cause she had a pretty bad experience with the last baptist church she went to, so she is still angry and just doesn't want to let go of it, she knows she needs to forgive, but she doesn't want to, so its going to take a long time for her to get to church. we also did dome service for a members brother who got hit by the storm, luckily his house wasn't damaged, but there was just a bunch of trees in his yard and some of them where really big, im so glad that we don't have to worry about tornadoes back in Utah like they do out here. So that was my week. Oh, and my bike broke this week also, the back tire that is. the gears are no longer griping the axle so im going to have to get it fixed, but for the time being I am using another elders bike. Hopefully it won't cost much to get it fixed.
Elder Dixon

Monday, June 3, 2013

"...we didn't see the tornado..."

We didn't see the tornado at all we where pretty far away from it. but the sky was really green before it hit the that area, non of the members where hurt or had damage to there house, but funny story, so last week we went on a blitz with our district in the sisters area and they had all of us go to a really rich neighbor hood and it wasn't to much of a success, and guess what? that neighborhood was one of them that got hit by the tornado, see what happens when you don't accept the gospel, lol
 so this week was pretty good, besides the tornado we taught a lesson to one of our potentials the plan of salvation and it went well and we will hopefully be seeing him later this week, his name is bob and he is really open and wants to learn as much as he can about Christ. the only problem I see happening is that he meets with a Jehovah's witness and a baptist minister, so if they get wind that he is meeting with us, they might give him anti stuff, so we are praying that doesn't happen.
 yeah so that was the highlight story's of the week.
 so yeah transfers are in 2 weeks and I'm probably going to be staying for the next 8 weeks after that, I'm not looking forward to that, I'm just having a hard time here physically and mentally and spiritually.
love ya,
 Elder Dixon