Monday, June 3, 2013

"...we didn't see the tornado..."

We didn't see the tornado at all we where pretty far away from it. but the sky was really green before it hit the that area, non of the members where hurt or had damage to there house, but funny story, so last week we went on a blitz with our district in the sisters area and they had all of us go to a really rich neighbor hood and it wasn't to much of a success, and guess what? that neighborhood was one of them that got hit by the tornado, see what happens when you don't accept the gospel, lol
 so this week was pretty good, besides the tornado we taught a lesson to one of our potentials the plan of salvation and it went well and we will hopefully be seeing him later this week, his name is bob and he is really open and wants to learn as much as he can about Christ. the only problem I see happening is that he meets with a Jehovah's witness and a baptist minister, so if they get wind that he is meeting with us, they might give him anti stuff, so we are praying that doesn't happen.
 yeah so that was the highlight story's of the week.
 so yeah transfers are in 2 weeks and I'm probably going to be staying for the next 8 weeks after that, I'm not looking forward to that, I'm just having a hard time here physically and mentally and spiritually.
love ya,
 Elder Dixon

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