Monday, June 17, 2013

"...I'm going to Carondelet..."

So i haven't gotten the bike fixed yet, I'm just borrowing another missionaries bike for now, but i wont be needing it, we got transfer calls on Saturday, I'm going to Carondelet (2) and my new companions name is Elder Toki, I've served around him before so i already know some things about him, so I'm happy i get stuck with someone that i can get along with for the next 8 weeks. 
 I have been reading the book Crystal and Adam gave me. I didn't read it today because its packed away, i have allot of books that i have accumulated over time, so before i go home ill have to send allot of them in packaging.
 so this week was ok, it was a slower week for missionary work, we went on exchanges this weeks with another pair of elders in our district, and one with the zone leader, we went able to teach that family that we found during tracking, we where supposed to meet with her on Tuesday but something came up so she had to cancel, so we will try to see her tomorrow and try to set something up so the new elders coming in will have someone to teach.
 Besides all that we just tracked, but we where both sick with something and what ever i had affected my asthma, so the last thing i want to do is to go out biking and make it worse.
 Hope everyone has a good week,
Elder Dixon

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