Monday, September 24, 2012

New companion from Lehi

Hey family,
So my new companion is from Lehi, UT and has been out for 20 months so this might be his last area that he serves in.
Thanks for updating me on about missionary mall
I'm sorry to hear that the cars are still having problems and that the fires are still affecting mom i hope that things well start to get better.
So i would like to have Elder Micheal Marsh and Jared Condies address you should be able to look them up on my face book
So I got a letter from sister and brother McDonald this week with a letter from Dayan inside and right now most of the areas he is in are being flooded.
I also found out that their daughter is getting married soon that means that Dayan and Devin are the only ones left.
here are some pictures
love you all
Elder Dixon
 Downtown Columbia
Aircraft carrier I made
  We caught a really big raccoon and this is his hand he weight over 15 pounds
 A raptor and cougar I made

Monday, September 17, 2012

short on time, and not much happened

Hey family,
Sounds like you guys are having a good week except for all the little mishaps with the cars, and yes i got all the pictures. 
This week was pretty good we taught Cathrine on Monday and that went really well she had some really good questions when we taught her the first lesson. but I sent a letter with more info on it cause I don't have that much time right now.
So when did Seth decide to get married? and when did all this riot stuff happen? is it all because of some trailer? i think that there has to be more of a reason.
Well thats all the time I have for today love you all,
Elder Dixon
P.s. you still haven't told me if missionary mall has called about my coat

Monday, September 10, 2012

" first real Missouri rain storm..."

Hey family
So it looks like you guys had a lot of fun while you where in South Carolina. So Roscoe is now 140... well looks like I'm gonna have to step it up cause that's how much I weigh right now I've gained about 5 pounds since I left home and I'm pretty sure that its from eating rammen like every day :P Don't worry, you learn to change things in the rammen so its different every time, like bacon,hot dogs,eggs, BBQ sauce every now and then. Yeah go ahead and say... it I'm BBQ sauce freak, but I still blame mom :) 
I was in my first real Missouri rain storm this week, it was raining so hard that you could barley see out side the windows car and it you went out in it you would be soaked, we also had a little bit of hail, I sent a letter with more info of how my week went.
How are things over in Utah? is it still on fire? how is the family doing? how is school going for every one? how are the new baby goats?
So i have a question. can you put my k98k Mauser inside by rifle case I just realized that I didn't do that, and could you put the rest of my guns up stairs or put them where they wont be noticed, thanks
oh and tell Kira happy birthday for me
love you all,
Elder Dixon

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wish I could go to Wyoming

Hey family so it was good to get the email sorry that it took me a day to email you back yesterday was labor day so the library was closed so I couldn't email.
So it sounds like you guys had fun picking Roscoe up except for all the mishaps and I looked at the picture that you sent me of Roscoe he looks pretty cool with that uniform on, and i can't watch any videos except for church ones so i cant watch the one you sent me sorry.
I'm kinda jealous that Roscoe and Megan went to Wyoming with Grandma Dixon and some of the other family, I wish I could be there. make sure to send me some pictures over email so I can see them.
So this last week was OK. It finally rained but it wasn't a Missouri rain storm it was just like the ones back home that just rain all day. but ill be sending a letter with more detail to what happened over the week.
So I have a question, did missionary mall call yet about the suit coat? cause I might need it soon seeing that it is starting to rain more and more. and I don't know if you got my letter pertaining to all my origami stuff, don't make it a priority to send it to me right away cause i would prefer having the coat over that, and if you could give crystal one of my origami horses, they should be on my dresser in my room you should let her have the tanish one,tell her its a late late birthday present and tell her sorry I kinda forgot about her birthday. If you could do this it would be great, thanks
love you all,
Elder Dixon

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sorry for not keeping everyone updated on Jacob, Mom  (Laura) is still working on trying to figure out the whole blog thing. So, I (Crystal) decided to do the first real update for you.

Elder Dixon is doing good. He writes to us every week and seems to enjoying himself. He told us that raccoon s and possums come to their back door frequently. So one night they decided to see if they could catch them by using some old sheets and rope....and the out come...
The trap...
He said that they caught 2 but one later jumped out.
Hungry anyone???

The is Phil the possum
 This is a stick bug that was on their window.
 Jacob LOVES to receive letters so PLEASE write!!!