Monday, September 3, 2012

Wish I could go to Wyoming

Hey family so it was good to get the email sorry that it took me a day to email you back yesterday was labor day so the library was closed so I couldn't email.
So it sounds like you guys had fun picking Roscoe up except for all the mishaps and I looked at the picture that you sent me of Roscoe he looks pretty cool with that uniform on, and i can't watch any videos except for church ones so i cant watch the one you sent me sorry.
I'm kinda jealous that Roscoe and Megan went to Wyoming with Grandma Dixon and some of the other family, I wish I could be there. make sure to send me some pictures over email so I can see them.
So this last week was OK. It finally rained but it wasn't a Missouri rain storm it was just like the ones back home that just rain all day. but ill be sending a letter with more detail to what happened over the week.
So I have a question, did missionary mall call yet about the suit coat? cause I might need it soon seeing that it is starting to rain more and more. and I don't know if you got my letter pertaining to all my origami stuff, don't make it a priority to send it to me right away cause i would prefer having the coat over that, and if you could give crystal one of my origami horses, they should be on my dresser in my room you should let her have the tanish one,tell her its a late late birthday present and tell her sorry I kinda forgot about her birthday. If you could do this it would be great, thanks
love you all,
Elder Dixon

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