Monday, July 30, 2012

Teaching investigators

Hey family how it going, so you guys didn't read my letters right we don't have a baptism date yet for anyone and I don't get to teach Ben cause he is in the zone leaders area who are over all the single adults and Campos.
We haven't taught kyle yet cause he keeps canceling on us cause something always comes up.
So I'm glad to here that uncle Wade's wedding went well, sorry to hear that mom got sick cause of it.
So Cola gave birth to a buck and a doe that's good, what do they look like?
When do you think the white goat well give birth?
So this week was pretty awesome,
So Tuesday we just did a whole bunch of finding and as usual no one wanted to talk to us.

On Wednesday we taught on of our other investigator Womier she has been taught by a couple of missionaries now and is pretty slow at understanding things so its going to take awhile.
On Thursday we had our supper activity and we went to a cardinals game, went to the arch and saw the Mississippi but it was pretty small where we where cause it was in st Louis, but I've been told that it gets a lot bigger and I've seen some pictures of it to.
Then on Friday we went to a devotional and we heard from some awesome members, one of them being the guy who bought the land for the temple, by the way I get to go there on the 4th so I'm happy that I get to go into it this time.
Then on Saturday we just did allot of finding again.
Then on Sunday we went to church. so this week hasn't been so fruitful as the last couple of weeks.
So today is zone p-day so I'm looking forward to that.
Love you all,
- Elder Dixon
P.S. I'll be sending some pics real soon
By the way have you looked up those address for me yet?
Love Elder Dixon
 And tell brother Nelson that Elder Barney says hi back

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