Sunday, July 8, 2012

Plane ride sickness

Hey so I'm glad to hear that you are all doing well, so your selling the white car? For how much? I hope that its enough for the plane ride. So Megan is pretty excited on being on a plane for the first time I know how she feels just make sure you have the barf bag ready for her cause there where a couple of times that I felt like I was going to puke.
Yes I am replacing my electrolytes I'm drinking lots of power aid.
I'm not using my inhaler allot cause I don't need it that much, and I'd prefer if you send me the pictures.
So we can listen to any music that invites the spirit so like Enya a couple of songs from Celtic women maybe and there are a few songs on the computer that I have that would be great one of them is "FMA Opening" or "Full Metal Op" I don't know which number it is but its the instrumental one. And if you find any music that I might like I like that and if you can put them on C.Ds but that's only if you have the time to :)
So what is mom going to drive during the school year after you sell the car?
Just wondering.
I'll be sending a longer letter with more details of how my week went.
Love you all
Oh and another thing can you ask the McDonald's for Elder Wilkins and Elder Larson Address so I can write them some time, and ask how many stamps I need to send a letter to South America and to the Philippines.
P.S. I like the photos of Roscoe he looks so happy (not really) speaking of which have you heard from him lately? I'm going to try writing him a letter today.
And have you received my letter that I wrote?
Love Elder Dixon

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