Monday, July 16, 2012

Packages and addresses


Hey family so I'm glad you were able to sell the car it kinda sucks that you only got 200 when they told you 350. So Jarom Harrison had his farewell that's pretty cool. I forgot to tell you guys this but in the MTC I met someone who looked a lot like Jarom and he had the same personality as him so that was kinda weird.
Don't worry about the music right now just do it whenever you have time to and I just remembered that the FMA opening I told you about is called FMA ending so I got them mixed up in my mind. So you can get Mike Marsh's address by going on my facebook and looking up his name cause he was the one who went in the MTC the same day. so we use the computers at the public library.
So I got your guys package that you all sent me thanks for all the goodies and the duck tape :)
I'm sending a letter with more info on how my week went cause I don't have a lot of time on the computer. Glad to hear that You are all doing well
Love Jacob
PS tell the McDonald's I say HI
and tell me how their doing

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