Monday, July 2, 2012

" waffle cause I was the "greenie"..."

Well family I'm glad to hear that you are all doing well. and I'm happy that uncle Wade was able to get the paper work so he can get sealed :).
So the fly over here was pretty cool it was pretty weird seeing the mountains disappear and then only seeing flatness all around . I really miss having mountains around.
After we landed we met with our mission pres and they are really awesome people they then took us to the temple in St. Louis and that was cool. They then took all of us out to eat at a Mongolian grill and that was way good I ate two big plates of that stuff yum!  They then took us to the mission home where we stayed the night and guess what? I saw firefly's well only a few but it was way cool. The next morning we got our new trainers and our new areas. My trainer for the next 12 weeks is Elder Barney who has been out for about a year and we are serving in Columbia it's a pretty decent sized area.
After that we went to our apartment and got me settled in and did a little bit of tracking but with little success but we did pass out some cards. Then on Thursday we did about the same thing but we did a lot of walking  and it was way hot and humid by the time we got back to our apartment my shirt was damp. We then had a district meeting so I got to meet every one in our district and there are 4 of us and we are all from Utah.
We also have our zone leaders in the same complex as us. Then on Friday we went out and visited one of our recent converts just to check up on him and we taught him about revelation. We then did some more tracking and this time it was about 107 degrees so we were sweating bullets and drinking a ton of water.

We then had dinner at one of the members and they fed us lasagna and it was pretty good.
Then we had a meeting with our ward mission coordinator but before that we went tracking in his neighborhood, and we found one new investigator and one new potential the only problem is that they won't be back for a about a month cause one is going to Florida and the others are going to Europe to watch the Olympics. So were praying that they will read the B.O.M. then Saturday we did just a bunch of tracking and contacting referrals and we got allot of cards out but no lessons taught to anyone, but we do have one potential who was the last person we contacted he said he would be happy to hear our message but his wife wasn't home so he told us to come back later so that was Saturday.
Then on Sunday we went to church and I got to know some of the people in the ward. we also had dinner at another members house and they fed us waffles,eggs and sausage and they gave me a green waffle cause I was the "greenie" haha so that's my week so far.
So I look forward to your guys next email and tell uncle Wade that I'm way excited for him and aunt Laura. I don't know the mailing address right now but I'll be sending a letter so that will have it on there.
Love you all-Elder Dixon.
PS I forgot to tell you that we have a family of raccoons and a possum and a giant wood chuck is what I think its called that come to our back door cause we give them our left overs some time.

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