Saturday, January 4, 2014

Merry Christmas Dixon Family!

Jacob's Merry Christmas Email.
He did not get to Skype with us until 1:17 pm our time. 
But he was in great spirits, super happy and anxious to get back to teaching his current investigators.
Merry Christmas Dixon Family!!

 I'm sorry that grandma's and grandpa's move was hard on you Mom, I know that you do allot for them and are always looking out for their benefit. Sorry to hear about bro Haskell, I'll have to write Jared an email, that's got to be hard on him.
So 1 my time sounds good, I'll be Skypeing from the Davidson's! I'm super excited about Christmas, we will be spending the whole day with members. We will be going to the Vellingas for breakfast and opening presents.This week was okay, we met with Abdur this week, we didn't get to teach really any thing, he just got back from work and he was busy with his family, and we didn't want to pull him away from that, but he came to the ward Christmas with Santa breakfast, so that was good, and neither him or Kiem where able to come to church, but we have a appointment with Kiem for on Friday.
Yeah so nothing much happened this week, oh we got freezing rain this week, so its pretty cool to see all the trees covered in ice, and the roads are not bad either.
So did you get the letter that I sent with all the Christmas cards? Well I hope you all have a great Christmas, this will be the last one that I have in the mission field :O pretty crazy
Love you all-Elder Dixon

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