Monday, January 20, 2014

email from the Davidson Family

Email sent to us on 1/14/14
The Elders just left our house a few minutes ago. The temperature is dropping and a few flakes started falling as they walked out the door. We didn’t have dinner until 7:30 p.m. because they were at Kim Johnson’s home teaching her the lesson on the Word of Wisdom. They said that she only drinks iced tea, and was very positive about making that change in her life. They are very optimistic that things are working well toward her baptism on February 2.
As soon as they walked in the door, Elder Taft sat down with my kids to play trucks in a bin of dry beans. There was one black bean and they took turns hiding it and having the others find it.
After dinner, the Elders taught us about their mission goal for the year and challenged us to pray with them to achieve 521 baptisms. Every missionary prays at 10 pm every night for success with their personal goals and the mission goals. We are invited to pray with the missionaries, so that the members and the missionaries will be more united and work together.
While we were having dessert, my son showed them how to run his Lego robot using an iPad as a remote control. We joked about taking pictures of them playing on an iPad.
We love having your sons over for dinner. They bring such a Spirit into our home! We sent them home with a few clementine oranges for tomorrow… They have a lot more dinner appointments this week because we had the dinner calendar circulated during church. Dinners were scarce last week because church had been cancelled. Thanks again for sharing your sons with us.
Love, Rob and Kim Davidson and family

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