Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years family.

This week was allot of fun! it was great Skypeing with you guys and being able to see you all.
And thanks for all the presents, I love them all! We had a blast at members homes during Christmas and Christmas Eve, we had two dinners on Christmas Eve and we had breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner on Christmas Day, so within a 24 hour period we had 6 meals altogether, and allot of the members gave us candy, so plus the candy you guys sent and the stuff I was given, I have about 10 pounds of candy :P I'm still full from all the meals we had. Elder Taft has about 20 pounds of candy! That should last him for the rest of his mission.
We met with Kiem on Friday and had a really good lesson with her, we read from Alma 32 and talked about the seed of faith, we also set a date for her to be baptized, it's set for the 18th of January, we are all excited about it, and her husband will be baptizing her. We are super excited about it.
Nothing new with Abdur, we try to stop by now and again to try to meet with him, but allot of the times he works so its hard to catch a time when he is home, but we are still trying.
I'm glad that grandpa Davis treated himself to a Christmas present, I bet he is really happy. As for news about grandma's situation, it is hard to deal with at times, I mean it's pretty much the first time that a close family member is going through something like this. So I don't really know the best way to cope with every thing, but it is something I need to learn to do. So please keep me updated about grandma or anyone else, I'd rather be informed than being kept in the dark about things that are happening.
And that's awesome to hear about J Ryan going through the temple, and grandpa (Dixon) was able to take him through the veil.
 The weather here is really cold, it was in the high 50s on Friday and Saturday
This week should go well also, we have another appointment with Kiem and we are celebrating New Years eve with a family in the ward, so it should be allot of fun.
Love you all

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