Monday, March 18, 2013

"...this week was okay..."


So this week was ok we didn't find any new but we where able to get back in contact with a former investigator that fell off from the face of the planet right after i got here, so that was good we will be meeting up with her sometime this week and probably setting a baptism date with her since she has been taught all the lessons, so we will have to do a review with her before she gets baptized.
 we also had zone p-day and we got permission to watch "a work and a Glory" and that was nice to be able to see that again, i forgot how good of a movie it was, either that or its probably because i haven't seen  a movie for the last 9 months so i think every thing is good. and we had zone conference the following day and James Miner came and did a music and the spoken word type of thing, he had a couple missionaries come up and play the piano and sing and play different type of instruments, there are allot of gifted people in our mission.
 our branch also had a chili cook off and a bake off, and us and the st clair elders where the judges, i was so full after that, we had to eat every chili and every dessert, but im still around 145 so i haven't really gained any weight out here since i left, which i don't mind.
 so that was my week.

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