Monday, March 4, 2013

Investigators and stake conference


so this week was pretty good we had 3 investigators come to the stake conference yesterday, its a family, Kim is the mother and Hunter is her son he is 9 and her daughter Matty is 12 and kim, what it sounds like, wants to get baptized, we would have invited her and set up a baptismal  date but hunter got distracted so we where not  able to redirect the conversation towards baptism but we are meeting with them on Wednesday cause her kids will be coming to ym and yw so that is pretty awesome. we haven't been able to get in contact with the Roscoe street family so thats a bummer, but we found a new investigator!! he is a messianic Jew( a Jew that believes  in Christ) so we got him to commit to reading the Book of Mormon, and he wants to come to church next week so that should be great. so this week was pretty awesome.
 and the st Clair elders that are right by us in our district, who white washed found 7 new investigators, and some of the m are a part member family.

 well i have to go we are going to be going on a bike ride today with brother kofoed, him and his family are one of the coolest families in the branch. ill have to send a picture of them someday.
- love your bro Elder Dixon

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