Monday, April 8, 2013


Conference was good, but there was some sad news, a sister in the branch passed away in her sleep on Friday night, its been hard on the family because they where not expecting it, so that was sad, she was 65. All of the talks where good, I liked packers talk and I liked his testimony I could feel the spirit strong as he did so, and i felt like this is the last time that we will see him,

Got transfer calls on Saturday, I'm going to be leaving to St. Peters, it's a biking area, yay :/ it has a lot of hills is what I'm told.
  so the guy who knows Siufanua knows the family from the islands, I forget which one but he might be moving to payson to work security for the temple.
 well i have allot to get done today so ill email you next monday.
 love ya,
 Elder Dixon

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