Monday, October 1, 2012

"...Elder Bumgardner had the impreesion..."

Hey family,
Thanks for the address's and for the update about the coat and the beautiful pictures of fall, i really miss those mountains.
So it's good to know that you found out the reason why the car has been so off but it sucks that it had to happen that way. We are still excited that Cathrine is going to be baptized soon and she is really looking forward to it also and she is also looking forward to general conference and she also watched the woman's conference and she really enjoyed that to.
I can't wait till conference either it's only a couple of days away and I bought some orange rolls to eat so I'm still continuing that tradition over here.
We got a new investigator this week, so we had our weekly coordination with our ward mission leader and after we were done Elder Bumgardner had the impression to go and knock on the house right across the street, so we did and we ended up leaving them a book of Mormon and we came back last Sunday and found out that there oldest son is reading it so the mother asked for another one so that she could read it, so we ended up teaching her the first lesson and it went great and we are going to teach her again on Thursday so we are really looking forward to that.
Well thats probably my highlight of the week love you all,
Elder Dixon

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