Monday, October 8, 2012

Conference, new age change

Hey family,
 This week went really well we had conference and we just watched it at our church building, but Cathrine was invited over to a members house to watch it and it went really well she loved it and had a lot of good things to say, we are going to meet with her today so it should go well, we are teaching her the rest of the commandments tonight.
Our new investigators name is Leane and we taught her and her family last night and it went well and they were to busy to watch conference but we did invite them to look it up online at, and of course we invited them to church we always invite people to Church when we teach the first lesson or something else.
So when I heard the announcement about the new age limit I was really excited cause I have known a lot of girls that would love to go on mission but they often don't cause they mostly get married before they hit that age.
And it also to hear that Lauree and Jessica are thinking about that to.
Crystal told me how Roscoe is going to wait to serve a mission after I get back, I think that that is a wise choice cause it will give him more time to prepare and plus it won't stress mom out that much having to worry about two sons out on missions :) love ya mom :)
So about the whole job situation, I really hope and pray that dad can find a full time job somewhere even if it means moving somewhere I'll support it, just make sure to tell me if you guys do end up moving.
I'm not that really surprised to hear that Roscoe has a girlfriend, cause he is a lot more social than the rest of us kids, except for Megan, but I don't really have a problem with it just as long as she has high standards and doesn't tempt him to do anything wrong.
love you all and I hope that every thing well start to work out with finding a new job
Love Elder Dixon
Ps what is Roscoes Email?

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