Monday, October 15, 2012

Cathy's Baptism

I forgot to send this picture of the baptism, so to better explain it the reason why me and elder Bumgardner are both in white is because Cathy has back problems so we used two people in the fount so nothing bad happened and to help support her back while she went under. and the guy in the mustache is her husband Terry. He was able to get off work for a little while so that he could see Cathy be baptized so that's also why he is in his work uniform.

I'm really sorry to hear about Jason losing his job, make sure to fill me in when you guys find out the details of why?
Cathy's baptism went really well we had some really good talks given and the spirit was also really strong there too.
So as for Leanne and her family they didn't watch conference or come to church, but we did have a lesson with them last night and we taught them the plan of salvation and we invited them to Church again and they said that they well try to be there so we well probably end up giving them a call on Saturday to remind them.
So to answer your question about other family members writing me the answer is yes, uncle Bret and his family wrote me a month ago and that was really nice.
So for your comment about the younger sister missionaries. I have already promised myself that I'm not going to marry any one that went to the same mission or any one that is in the mission.
I'm glad to hear that the reception went well, just think Mom in a couple of the next 10 years or so all your children well be out of the house :) and probably married, haha love ya mom.
Matthew got his mission call? that's awesome, do you know when he is leaving?
So I have a question, what is Roscoe's M.O.S in the military again? I keep on forgetting
Well I hope things are going well back home, and I hope and pray that Jason can find a better job
Love Elder Dixon

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