Monday, October 29, 2012

"...brand new Elder, straight from the MTC..."

Hey family,
So to start off I'm am not leaving Columbia, in fact they are having me train a brand new Elder straight from the MTC...... I don't really like the idea cause i haven't even been out 6 months, but I hope that I'll do ok. I won't know his name until i get to the transfer meeting so I'll let you all know next Monday.
So it's good to hear that Jason got promoted back up to his rank after he passed the pt test.
If you want my advice on Roscoe's situation, is to don't try to force him to do any thing just show him your guys support and just encourage him and show him your love.
Maybe you guys should start reading the Scriptures as a family every Sunday.
So I'm surprised that you got some new kittens right after Huntress was killed, I  bet Megan is having a blast with them, so what are there names?
Well I hope that every one is having a good week and I'm sorry this email isn't very long cause i don't have much time today as i normally do
Love you all,
Elder Dixon

P.S. Can you send me all of our Grandparents addresses? That way i can send a letter to them in the future when it is there birthday

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