Monday, October 22, 2012

"...everyone canceled on us..."

Hey family,
So this week was okay considering that everyone canceled on us :( so that kinda sucked.
Leanne never came to church or to the baptism and he also had to cancel the appointment yesterday so we won't see her until next Sunday.
I'm glad to hear that the Morales are coming to church more often, so are they being taught by the missionaries? So i have some advice for you guys, when ever you have missionaries over always invite them to take off there suit jackets cause we cant take them off without being told by the members, so it really helps keep our suits clean and its a lot more comfortable, so just to let you know :)
Crystal told me that Cassi Haskell is putting in her papers, it's so exciting to hear about when people put in there papers. That's awesome to hear that Matthew is leaving in January cause that is when my companion goes home,
I'm also glad to hear that Jason finally passed his pt test, so what does he have to do to get his rank back?
So how was meeting Roscoe's girlfriend? and what are your guys thoughts toward all of this since he is the first kid to have a girlfriend?
so while I wait for emails I normally just get on or and do research.
Well I hope that everyone has a good week,
Elder Dixon
P.s. Crystal also told me about the Cat getting hit, I'm sorry that that happened you'll have to give Megan a hug for me.

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