Sunday, March 2, 2014

"So this week went pretty well..."

Hello Family.
Sorry that this email is coming a day late but due to presidents day the library wasn't open yesterday.
glad that every one is recovering and that the car got fixed.. again, and that Roscoe is getting his wisdom teeth out, and are the Rays his girlfriends family?
And those movies probably where pirated because non of those videos aren't out yet.
So this week went pretty well, Keim was confirmed by her husband on Sunday and he did a good job for his first time, everyone was really happy especially Keim, Abdur came to sacrament but I think he had to go home after, but we where glad that he came, and we didn't even commit him to come to church!
But we weren't able to meet with him or any of our potentials that we have found while tracting. but good news is that we got a referral from church headquarters about a lady that has moved into our area and she has been taught all of the lessons from where she moved from and she is staying with her sister and she is also interested in hearing the lessons! so we are going to be trying to see her today in the evening.
But other than that we are doing ok, Me and Elder Hendrickson are getting along pretty well and having allot of fun together, we are hoping that he well be getting his visa soon, cause another Elder who came out with him just got his and he will leave on march 10th.
So how is the weather over there?
We got freezing rain yesterday in the morning and they canceled school because of it, and it wasn't all that bad driving in it, and it all melted around noon. Man these kids are lucky that they get so many snow days, during Christmas break it snowed for about a week so they cancled school because of it, and they only got about 6 inches all together! man Missouri is very ill prepared for snow, and we saw the other day that the snow trucks where putting dirt on the road, and me and Elder Hendrickson where very puzzled by that; and when we where talking to a member in the ward they told us they are doing that because they ran out of salt, so we laugh every time when ever we see them putting dirt on the road, ill send you a picture if we see them doing it again.
Oh yeah I got my glasses on Saturday :P I can read street signs allot better, but some times they get annoying, mainly on my noise where they rest on.
Love you all and hope that every things goes well!
-Elder Dixon

We went to the local gun store on Monday and they had a Thomson, but it was very low quality, but still cool.
 My new glasses

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