Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"The weather is still really bipolar..."


Dear Family & Friends,

  So this week went pretty good, we taught Randall the first lesson, so the Restoration, it went great, allot of his beliefs are really close to some of our beliefs, like the creations didn't take 7 actual days but 7 different time tables, so we talked a little bit about Doctrine and Covenants and the pearl of great price, didn't go into big detail, cause its allot of info to digest in just one lesson, so we are going to be meeting with him on Thursday, he wasn't able to come to church because he had to work. we weren't able to meet with Abdur this week, he was busy and tends to forget that we set up appointments, and Sundays are his only day that we can meet with him. we are going to try again on Saturday to set up a time for Sunday.

We met with Gary on Saturday, they had us over for dinner and we where able to talk to him and sis Karl's (the member) husband Ed, and Gary just has an open mind and is willing to read the book of Mormon, but not pray about it, so that was sad to hear, and her husband isn't interested in reading the book of Mormon, but they are still way nice people and we aren't going to stop meeting with them.
     To cap it all off I would say that it was all right. the weather is still really bipolar, it wont make up its mind, it was warm to start out with and we got snow on Thursday and it had all melted by the end of the day, and Friday and Saturday where way nice, we got up tp 70 and almost 80 and Sunday it was 32 and we got a little bit of snow, and today it is a little bit warmer. so im really wanting for spring to finally set in.
Love you all
-Elder Dixon

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