Monday, March 17, 2014

"We where able to teach a new investigator..."

Dear Family.

You'll have to tell uncle Wade and aunt Laura congrats for me. .
You'll have to let me know how grandpa Davis' surgery goes, I well also be praying for him and grandpa Dixon that his pain will go away.
So how did Roscoe's birthday go? who came?
So this week went pretty good, we got transfer calls on Saturday and both me and Elder Hendrickson are staying here, but Elder Johnson is leaving and going to the Spanish area that is in our zone. So he is still going to be close, and Elder Coka is staying and will be followed up trained by another Elder, I forgot his name.
We where able to meet with Abdur finally and to teach him about the restoration, it went good, but there where allot of distractions, cause they have 5 young kids, but he was able to focus for the most of the lesson, we talked allot about the Joseph Smith story, he has a hard time recognizing the spirit, I guess, and he has a hard time believing things people tell him, but we told him to pray about every thing cause that will solve his questions.
But we might have to push the baptism back a couple of days since we have only taught him the restoration and we still need to teach him everything else.
We where able to teach a new investigator, his name is Gary, he is the grandson of one of the members in the ward, he is supper smart, love to read and has already read the book of Mormon but doesn't remember every thing that happened in it, he is 30ish by the way. and he is supper friendly to missionaries, and hearing from ward members I guess in the past he wasn't really friendly with the church, so he had a changing experience that changed his prospective on the church, so the Lord has been preparing him for a while.
We weren't able to meet with Julie this week, she wasn't feeling to good, so we are going to meet with her hopefully on Wednesday, so next week should be good as well, we are planning on going home teaching with some members in the ward.
And yesterday we had a potential come to church, we have been trying to work on him for a while, he is engaged to one of the sisters in the ward, and he is also reading/listening to the book of Mormon, so we are hoping to be visiting them this week as well.
This week went really good, now we are waiting for the opposition to hit like is always does, but we will smack it back in the face!
The weather was cold this last week, but today it is up in the high 60s! It feels so good, but we are supposed to be getting snow this week, so I don't know what is up with that :P
That's crazy to think that Ben and Tanner are home, you'll have to tell them I say hello. so how is elder Harris?(Jeremy, I forgot his last name) the missionary that was assigned to go to the Ukraine about the same time as I got my call? Cause I hear that things are getting pretty crazy over there.
Well I hope every one has a good week.
Love ya all-Elder Dixon

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