Monday, March 17, 2014

Trunky papers, new member lesson, a baptismal challenge


Hey every one. so you got the trunky papers?! NOOOOOOO not yet
So when does Roscoe's drill start? I'll have to think about that,
do you know what you where sick with?
That's awesome that Roscoe got promoted to specialist I bet he is happy about that.
So this week went ok, we where able to start teaching Keim the new member lessons on Tuesday, They had us over for dinner, it was really good, she made chicken strips and made a really good sauce to go with it. we will be teaching her the new members lessons with her home teachers and eventually they will teach her the rest of the lessons without us.
we did meet with "J" and taught her the first lesson, it went pretty good, she did have a question about people getting baptized into different churches, cause she went to church with her sister last week to her church and some people where baptized, so we talked about having the proper priesthood authority to do sacred ordinances, and we explained why Jesus went to John the Baptist instead of having his neighbor baptizing him.
She said that it makes sense, and at the end of the lesson we invited her to be baptized by proper authority when she receives an answer about the book of Mormon, and she said yes, we are really happy about it.
 We weren't able to teach Abdur this week due to him being really busy with every thing, but we did get to talk to him for a little bit before he had to go, he is doing good on quitting smoking, but he is using the electric cigarettes, so we talked to him about it and told him that those things can be just as addicting as the real things, so we are working on helping him quit those things, he is still looking forward to being baptized.
And the weather here is really cold again, we had really nice weather the week before, but now its in the high 20s and low 10s, I just want spring to come back! We got a little bit of snow yesterday and freezing rain, so the roads where slick so they canceled church because of it. so I wasn't really happy about that, cause I really wanted to go to sacrament meeting at least, so this week is going to feel empty if that makes any sense.
How is the weather over there? is it just as cold like us or do you have nicer weather?
Any more word about the job yet?
Well I need to email some more people.
l love ya all-Elder Jacob Dixon

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