Monday, May 6, 2013

"...set a baptism date..."

we set a baptism date with Leigh Ann( i think it should be fine if i just use there first name) she has been investigating the church ever sense she started dating a member and they got married before conference, but she is a way golden investigator, she cant wait to be baptized. and that will be on the 18th.
 so that was the highlight of our week, oh and for a couple of years now the church here has been letting the local Muslims meet in our gym for the Friday prayers and yesterday they had a Islam 101 thing where a mufti( one of there leaders in the area) came and talked about the basics of the Islamic religion, to help build bridges with the community, every one was invited members and non members, but it was mostly members who showed up to it( probably cause most people think if they step inside a Mormon church they are condemned JK )
 but it was good it cleared up allot of things that i didn't know,  i recognized certain truths, like they believe that we are all born without sin, that we are all pure when we are born, so i though that was pretty interesting, ill write more about that in my hand written letter. 
 yep so those are the things that really happened this week.
Love ya,
Elder Dixon

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