Monday, February 11, 2013

5 new investigators!


So this week was really good, we found 5 new investigators this week, 4 of them is a family, there is 3 kids and a grandma, the grandma has guardianship over the kids, and they know there bible pretty well for a 7,8 and 9 yr old, we showed them the tea bag lesson, its when we empty a tea bag and stand it up on someones hand and light it on fire,and near the end the tea bag floats off there hand, so we use that with faith and enduring to the end,so they thought that was way cool, oh and get this, we would have never had found them if I didn' have a brother named Roscoe, cause we found a street name that was named Roscoe so i wanted to get a picture with it, so the first door we knocked on was that family, so that was pretty Awesome.
And the other investigators are some formers that elder Jensen contacted while we where on exchanges with the zone leaders.
So that was the highlight of the week, pretty cool huh?
There isn't any thing that I want you guys to pray for specifically, just pray that the Holy Ghost well touch their hearts,
So I did email Jessica today, and the email worked this time so I don't know why it didn"t work the first time.
So if you could can you give me more updates on how the family is doing?, I fell like I'm in the dark out here, how is Roscoe's progress on the mission papers?
Well I hope you all have a good week and I hope that dad can get a interview soon.
Love you all
-Elder Dixon

 Pictures from the zoo

 Roscoe street!

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