Tuesday, February 19, 2013

...don't worry he really does write longer hand written letters


Hey family so this week was ok, we didn't have allot of lessons this week because they fell through so hopefully this week well be allot better.
So we where not able to meet with the grandmother and her kids because the kids got the flue that is going around, but the grandmother said that she has allot of questions to ask us the next time we meet, so that's really good, we just have to meet with her before Satan intervenes.
So how the tea bag lesson works so you have to get Begolow tea, they are the only ones that really work, you then undo the stable and empty out the tea, so you re just left with the bag you then have to make sure it is standing strait up on someones hand or some flat surface, it cooler when you do it on someones hand, you then light the top of the tea bag on fire, and when the flame gets close to there hand the tea bag lifts into the air, then you can read ether 12, the scripture that talks about faith.
Well I have to get going we don't have much time to email today.
Love you all - Elder Dixon

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