Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013-Baptism and Transfers

Hey family.
This week was Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we had two baptisms, Mohammed and Jessica, it was really cool, half of the ward showed up to support them, it was a great baptism.
We also taught Leland the word of wisdom, he accepted it really well, he was excited about it, and I've never seen that happen before, he was telling us that he was already working on quitting smoking and the other stuff, and he asked for a blessing afterwards to help him fight against his addictions.
He also came to church!!! He said he really liked it, and we are moving his date up to the 17th, so this Saturday.
 So time for some sad news, we got transfer calls on Saturday :.( I'm staying, but Elder Toki is leaving to MT Vernon, Illinois. I didn't wat him to leave, he is probably one of my top 3 companions that I have had, he is really cool, and a hard worker, we worked really hard, more than any other area or transfer.
My new companion well be Elder Jerom (pronounced Gerom) all I now is that he has been out for 4 months, so he is relatively new, I'm kinda scared, cause I don't have a big Tongan to intimidate people, now we are just two skinny white boys walking the streets, with man bags We have a new rule in the mission, we cant use backpacks anymore :/ not to happy about that, we have to carry satchels, but we don't have to get them right away, we just need to get them asap, so im going to be looking at some places today, or I'll just convert my back pack into a satchel.

 I'm excited to hear that dad had a great interview, I hope you get it.
It sounds like a lot is happening back home, Ricky has is farewell this week right?
and Dayan and Devin are coming home soon, wish I could be there.
so its not flooding where we are, we haven't had to much rain lately, but it might today. the weather is nice.
well I hope every one is doing great, love you all.
Elder Dixon

Cool cloud that I took a picture of

Back pack blessing at some church, really?
Jessica who was baptized by her boyfriend Preston

Left to right me, Elder Toki, Jessica, Preston and Mohammad

Our district left to right 
Sister Fisher, Sister Linton, Sister Minyard, Sister Collet,
Front row of elders: Elder Terrazas (zone leader) Elder Toki, Elder Gubler, Elder Muir and Elder Vincent, has his face cut off in that one, back row Elder Dahle, Elder Anderson(zone leader) and me, (I'm standing on something, so im not that tall)

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